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Dead Wrong (A Cree Blue Psychic Eye Mystery Book 1)

by Kate Allenton
4.6 stars – 282 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Dealing with ghosts is easy. It’s dealing with the living that keeps me hiding in the shadows.

Until Now.

No one knows how a record number of cold cases are solved in Billson, Mississippi. No one knows that my psychic abilities are responsible for providing the clues to solve these dead files. And certainly no one knows that I’m the person providing the tips to my godfather at the local PD.

That is until an attempt on my godfather’s life puts him in the ICU.

I’m willing to give up my anonymity to help solve this case if Detective Mason Spencer would only believe me, but convincing him proves harder than dealing with the dead.

With my godfather’s life hanging in the balance, I’m forced to work with one skeptical detective and one conniving criminal. My psychic gifts couldn’t save my parents, but I’m determined to unmask this perpetrator before he strikes again, killing the only family I have left.

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* * *

Dog Gone Lies (Pacheco & Chino Mysteries Book 1)

by Ted Clifton
4.3 stars – 425 reviews
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Tired of his tedious job as a rural county sheriff, Ray Pacheco has withdrawn to a life of seclusion and fishing. But not for long. An out-of-place show dog and a dead body kick-start an adventure with evil links to the past. New eccentric companions; Apache fishing guide, bait shop owner become extraordinary allies. Soon they are all in great danger, even the dog. Ray never expected retirement would be more deadly than being sheriff. Even with his years of experience will Ray be able to solve the mystery of the show dog?

* * *

Revolt of the Rats: A Dark Fantasy Novel

by Reed Blitzerman
4.0 stars – 35 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The first in a series by mystery thriller author Reed Blitzerman. Revolt of the Rats features two heroes, separated in time by fifty years. Bosnian War veteran Kahle Desireau is young and wild, with an ability to see auras and the black smoke exhaled by the sentient dead. Eli Steiner has just returned from WWI. His ability to see the future has a blind spot called the Great Depression.

After leaving Bosnia, Kahle follows a woman to a dying factory in Frampton, Ohio. For her love, he’ll compete with Motomax’s handsome CEO and join a desperate fight for the factory’s survival. But his love interest is more than he bargained for, and the darkness that he’d hoped to escape has followed him.

Eli Steiner is no stranger to challenge. But in the shadow of the Great Depression, the banks aren’t lending. The ground has dried hard and turned to dust. Without a crop loan, he and his small family will lose their farm. When a yellow roadster comes to town, they may lose more than that.

This is book one of five in a complete series.

Here’s what readers are saying about Reed Blitzerman and this mystery thriller:
“When it was done, I was begging for more” ★★★★★
“A compelling read” ★★★★
“The story grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go” ★★★★★
“Once you get in it’s a great read” ★★★★
“Loved this fantasy mystery” ★★★★★

* * *

The Man by the Sea: a gripping British mystery with a stunning twist (The Slim Hardy Mystery Book 1)

by Jack Benton
4.1 stars – 275 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
“An absolute feast for noir and paranormal thriller fans alike. Highly recommended.” ~~ bestthrillers.comJohn “Slim” Hardy, heavy drinker and disgraced soldier turned bumbling private detective, is hired to investigate Ted Douglas, an investment banker who slips out of work every Friday to visit a desolate cove on the Lancashire coast. There, he walks to the shore, opens an old book, and begins to read aloud.His wife thinks he’s having an affair.Slim thinks he’s insane.The truth is more incredible than either could imagine.The Man by the Sea is the sensational debut novel by Jack Benton, a classic story of love, betrayal, murder, and intrigue.

* * *

Tristan (Pirate Lords Series Book 1)

by Elizabeth Rose
4.3 stars – 59 reviews
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
★RONE Award Finalist★
A woman on board is bad luck . . . unless she is the key to finding a lost treasure.
Tristan Fisher and his brothers leave their father’s fishing boat and return to a life of piracy, longing for the adventure and riches they once knew. With dwindling supplies and a restless crew, fate finally smiles on them when a storm at sea leaves behind flotsam. However, it is more than just boxes and barrels of supplies they find. Tristan and his brothers fish an old woman out of the water who claims to not only know the whereabouts of a treasure map, but who also says she is their long lost grandmother!Scottish lass, Gavina Drummond’s life is turned upside down with one tragedy after another. Now, disguised as a boy and with a treasure map secretly and unwillingly inked on to her back, she finds herself as cabin boy and musician to a dark and dangerous pirate named Tristan. He’s not really what she expects, and she is surprised when he protects her from his cutthroat crew. The handsome man wins her trust and gains her interest.Gavina needs nothing short of a king’s treasure to pay back her father’s steep gambling debts and to buy back her brother’s freedom. Desperate to find the English king’s stolen treasure, her only problem is that she can’t see the map to read it. With time running out, it is crucial she finds someone to help her.Tristan seems the likely choice since searching for treasure is a trait of his kind. But if Gavina confides in him, she’ll have to show him the map. And in order to do that, she’ll have to disrobe.Will a dark-hearted pirate discover he’s unknowingly brought a woman on board who is also the key to finding his coveted treasure? Or is it not a treasure of silver and gold that he truly desires the most after all?

* * *

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