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The Photographer’s Son: A WW2 Historical Novel, Based on a True Story of a Jewish Holocaust Survivor

by Maya C. Klinger
4.8 stars – 8 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

1941: World War II is raging, and the Nazi regime is spreading fear in the hearts of Jews throughout Europe. Moshe Mandil, a Jewish photographer, quickly realizes that the life of his family will never be the same again, but he refuses to accept this new reality.

Together with his wife and their two little children, Moshe makes plans to board a train with counterfeit documents in hand and regain their freedom.

But his plan goes terribly wrong and before the train can leave the station, a German officer pulls the family off the carriage, accusing them of the worst crime – being Jews.

Will Moshe be able to save his family?

This book was written especially for a younger audience and is told from the perspective of the five-year-old son. This is the true story of the Mandil family, who were saved by Albanian Muslims. A moving story, where friendship, love and hope overcome pure evil.

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Slow Down Time – The Power of Time Perception: Learn how the mind works to slow down time, enjoy life, and make the most out of it (The Art of Living Book Series 2)

by Jean Paul Zogby
4.8 stars – 24 reviews
Supports Us with Commissions Earned
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“A fascinating book that will change your view on time and how you use it!” — Publisher’s Weekly
Time flies as you grow older! You can’t stop aging, but you can slow down time!

Learn about how we experience time in our minds and ways to slow it down
Experience life to the fullest by learning the secrets to manipulating time
Learn how famous athletes use their super focus to perceive time in slow motion
Learn how your emotions, personality, age, and chronotype, affect the speed of time in your mind
Learn how to make time for all the things you’ve always wanted to do

Have you wondered why time flies? How months rush by and you look back and wonder, “Is it New Year’s already?”

Want to look back at a week, month, or year and feel it was time well-spent?
Slow down time with the Power of Time Perception.

Find the meaning of life by learning how to slow down time and live in the moment. Take control of your life and learn how to make time work for you. Elevate your consciousness and feel more alive. This is the key to happiness and self-satisfaction.

The lack of time is a major cause of stress. You can’t stop aging, you can’t stop growing old, but you can get more out of life by learning how to slow down time and make the most of every moment. Discover the secret to aging gracefully and enjoying life to the fullest.

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