Just 99 Cents! Raeder Lomax’s Hard-Boiled Mystery WIPEOUT Wallstreet Meets Backstreet

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Here’s the set-up:


 A team of burglars, known as the 4 Minute Burglars, ingratiate themselves with a more sophisticated kind of thief.  Then smart headstrong women take center stage.

From Kirkus Review:

“This invitingly gritty noir lines up the elements of a dark thrill ride: drug dealing, prison releases, infidelities, burglaries,​ double crosses and cool women selling hot sex…Burglaries are planned and executed, but with the shifting ​alliances and lack of honor among thieves, the criminals find it hard to hold on to their ill-gotten gains. The plot rockets​ through twists and turns at a thrilling pace, with a dizzying number of subplots…Lomax juggles these storylines with admirable skill.”

About The Author

Columbia U., BA, MFA; NY Foundation of the Arts Playwriting Fellowship; Off-Off Broadway productions.

I write about the ambitious, the dreamer, the delusional, the sane, the fair, the greedy, the liar, the loner, the talker, the fool, the powerful, the indifferent, the loser, complainer, winner, nervous, and fearful.

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One Response to Just 99 Cents! Raeder Lomax’s Hard-Boiled Mystery WIPEOUT Wallstreet Meets Backstreet

  1. sissy on January 31, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    i loved my Kindle from the very first time i used it.

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