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The Cure

by Stephanie Erickson

5.0 stars – 4 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled

★★★★★ 5 Stars – “Macey is in the 10th grade and interested in arts. She also gets into trouble with her art teacher for thinking outside of the box. A fellow student brings up a question about a picture in history class. That object was a flag which no one recognizes. An interesting portion of the story develops after that discovery by Macey.

The disease claims 75% of those left in the country. And, there isn’t any known cure. The ruling authority has set up a system in which everyone must go and endure experiments at set intervals in the Facility. This system lasts until you reach the age of 60 (if you make it that long).

This story caught my attention because the teenagers are forced to grow up too soon. Most have lost at least one in their family while some have lost both of their parents.

It illustrates rebellion, compassion. love for family and friends and life complete with its ups and downs.

The characters are well defined, plot is excellent and the ending is super. I did have to think about the ending for awhile after I finished reading it. I figured out that it offers hope for one of the main characters and it really is a perfect ending.

Most highly recommended.” – Amazon top 500 reviewer

Here’s the set-up:

“One life will make the difference.” Macey Holsinger has been hearing that promise her whole life. But it hasn’t saved anyone yet, not even her little brother.

The disease has claimed countless lives in the last hundred years, and the government is working hard to find a cure through human testing. Testing that has killed nearly as many people as the disease.

At sixteen, Macey has better things to think about than saving lives and submitting to any rule other than her parents’. As a budding artist, she has her whole life ahead of her, at least until she faces her own testing.

Questions plague Macey. Questions that make everyone else nervous. How can death be justified with more death? What’s the point of all this?

Answers evade her until she’s left with only one question: How much will she sacrifice in the name of the cure?
What other reviewers are saying about Erickson’s second novel:

5 Stars – “Erickson maintains a steady, consistently controlled dramatic pace throughout. The result is a thoroughly refreshing reading experience.. an original concept delivered with a realistic and consistent voice. Congratulations to this young novelist!” – Gene Hull

5 Stars – “The Cure is a great fall read and in my opinion a timely glimpse into what could very well be our future.” Penny

About the Author: 

Let’s see. What do you want to know about me? I love apocalypse movies like 2012 (which is probably why my first book is sort of apocalyptic), I love to read, I love my fur babies, my husband and my family.

I’m a graphic designer by trade, but hoping to some day be able to write full time.

Dan, my husband, and I are brand new parents and loving life!

As far as writing goes, The Blackout was my first published novel, but I’ve been writing for quite awhile. I won honorable mention in the 72nd Annual Writer’s Digest Competition for a short story junior year of college, so that was…awhile ago anyway. Although I published a scholarly paper senior year, fiction writing has always been my passion. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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