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Help: Penguin Giving Preferential Price Treatment to iBooks on Bestsellers?

Kathryn Stockett’s bestseller The Help, which for months did very well in the Kindle Store at price points below $9.99, is now priced (by Penguin imprint Putnam) at $12.99 in the Kindle Store, but it is still listed at $9.99 at iBooks.

Another temporary glitch, or is Penguin playing favorites?

We’ve never been told exactly what the controversy was that kept Penguin and Amazon at loggerheads for the past couple of months? Was it that Penguin wanted to give “most favored nation” status to the iBooks Store and deny it to the Kindle Store?

Similar pricing discrepancies exist for Eat Pray Love, although the best price for that book is $8.25 for the paperback in Amazon’s main store.

For Harlan Coben’s Caught, the discrepancy is even greater: it’s $14.95 in the Kindle Store, $8.98 in the iBooks Store, and $11.95 for the hardcover in Amazon’s main store.

So, let’s be clear. This is not a case of Penguin declaring war on ebooks. What Penguin has done is declared war on Kindle owners.

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