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Save 95% on this 8-in-1 BOXED SET ALERT! Academy of Necessary Magic Complete Series Boxed Set by Martha Carr and Michael Anderle

Academy of Necessary Magic Complete Series Boxed Set

by Martha Carr and Michael Anderle
Do you want to be a Bounty Hunter? Class is now in session at the Academy of Necessary Magic. Founded by Johnny Walker, Leira Berens and James Brownstone, students will learn how to go after magical creatures that need to be subdued while being the best bounty hunters in the country… if they survive the course work.This school is gonna be legendary. Enroll at your own risk…
Academy of Necessary Magic Complete Series Boxed Set
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Here’s the set-up:
Get the complete urban fantasy series boxed set – all 8 books – to join Amanda Coulier, Summer Flannerty, and the rest of their classmates on their journey through the Academy of Necessary Magic!
Amanda Coulier is a young shifter and ward of one of the greatest bounty hunters of all time.
But Johnny Walker is better with hound dogs than young girls. Especially the kind who can grow fur and fangs and rip out your throat in the middle of teenage angst.
Where to send Amanda for an education that won’t leave anyone in tears… or dead?
Time to start a new school with two more legends. James Brownstone and Leira Berens.Mix in Summer Flannerty, a young Witch who’s got a thing for breaking rules and just landed in Amanda’s room.
Trouble leads the girls to a relic hidden away for good reasons.
Can Amanda quell the angry spirit that’s on an angry rampage to destroy the campus?

She wanted him to notice her and when he did, she knew she could never let him go… Getting to Forever: Book Three KinkLink series by Tara Eldana

Getting to Forever: Book Three KinkLink series

by Tara Eldana
4.8 stars – 8 reviews
Everyday Price: $3.99
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Here’s the set-up:

He was protecting those he loved…. She wanted him to notice her and when he did, she knew she could never let him go. #Unputdownable

Amanda (Mandy) Gilchrist was just baffled by her colleague. One minute he was her rock and the next he couldn’t get away from her fast enough…only to land himself in jail. Her bosses now hate him and wouldn’t help him cross the street let alone post bail, so it was up to her — except someone got to him first. What the heck was going on? By now he must realize he needs her help… And it’s going to cost him because this time she’s not going to turn a blind eye.

Mandy’s going to make sure David sees her skills as a PI and as a woman too — one he’s got ‘tied up inside and out’.

Because he may not know it yet but they’re both looking for exactly the same thing.

David aka Hack Varetti is in deep. A little finagling with the FBI and maybe he’ll get his life back on track but there’s no guarantees. Making the wrong associations only landed him in the clink, but now he’s got a second chance — to fix his life. And to take care of her. Because, although Mandy doesn’t know it yet she needs something only he can give her, and he can’t wait to show her how a Dom brings his Sub to fulfillment because it’s something she’ll never forget.

Even though the last thing he wanted to do was involve her in his mess, afraid she’d get hurt.

He knew, if he wanted her to trust him again, he was going to have to work for it.

Everyone’s got to learn the ropes sometime…

I love the way this amazing author brings the characters to life before your eyes and makes you feel their emotions …. I can hardly wait to see what’s next…” ~ 5 stars, Amazon Reviewer


Song of the Lion: A Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito Novel (A Leaphorn and Chee Novel Book 21)

by Anne Hillerman
4.6 stars – 2,108 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
New York Times BestsellerA deadly bombing takes Navajo Tribal cops Bernadette Manuelito, Jim Chee, and their mentor, the legendary Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, back into the past to find a vengeful killer in this riveting Southwestern mystery from the bestselling author of Spider Woman’s Daughter and Rock with Wings.When a car bomb kills a young man in the Shiprock High School parking lot, Officer Bernadette Manuelito discovers that the intended victim was a mediator for a multi-million-dollar development planned at the Grand Canyon. But what seems like an act of ecoterrorism turns out to be something far more nefarious and complex. Piecing together the clues, Bernadette and her husband, Sergeant Jim Chee, uncover a scheme to disrupt the negotiations and inflame tensions between the Hopi and Dine tribes. Retired Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn has seen just about everything in his long career. As the tribal police’s investigation unfolds, he begins to suspect that the bombing may be linked to a cold case he handled years ago. As he, Bernadette, and Chee carefully pull away the layers behind the crime, they make a disturbing discovery: a meticulous and very patient killer with a long-simmering plan of revenge. Writing with a clarity and grace that is all her own, Anne Hillerman depicts the beauty and mystery of Navajo Country and the rituals, myths, and customs of its people in a mystery that builds on and complements the beloved, bestselling mysteries of her acclaimed father, Tony Hillerman.

It’s your giveaway post! Get your free entry word and check out The Playdate by Victoria Jenkins

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The Playdate: An absolutely gripping and unputdownable psychological thriller

by Victoria Jenkins
4.0 stars – 448 reviews
Everyday Price: $3.99
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Here’s the set-up:

Arranging the playdate was easy. Child’s play. Preparing the house was more difficult. It was only now she realised how many photographs there were: the picture-perfect unit. Wife, husband, child. All of it a lie.

I made a new friend at playgroup today. She’s different from the other mothers. She feels like someone I can trust. Someone I can confide in.

But there are some things I can’t tell her. Things I can’t tell anyone.

Because I have a secret that no one else knows. One that still haunts my dreams, wakes me up in a cold sweat at night.

Even another mother would never understand. Unless, of course, she’s hiding something too…

From the bestselling author of The Argument, this utterly addictive psychological thriller will have you hooked from the first page to the final, mind-blowing twist. Fans of Friend Request, The Silent Patient and The Girl on the Train won’t be able to put this down.

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Save $8 on this suspenseful and richly atmospheric historical mystery…. Lies That Comfort and Betray (A Gilded Age Mystery) by Rosemary Simpson

Lies That Comfort and Betray (A Gilded Age Mystery Book 2)

by Rosemary Simpson
4.5 stars – 163 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
From the author of What the Dead Leave Behind, this suspenseful and richly atmospheric mystery captures both the elegance and sophistication of New York’s Gilded Age—and the secrets and bloody terrors that lurk behind its elegant facades . . .
Heiress Prudence MacKenzie is a valuable partner to attorney Geoffrey Hunter, despite the fact that women are not admitted to the bar in nineteenth-century New York. And though their office is a comfortable distance from the violence of the city’s slums, the firm of Hunter and MacKenzie is about to come dangerously close to a high-profile killer across the pond . . .

Nora Kenny works in Prudence’s Fifth Avenue house, just as her mother once served Prudence’s mother. As children, they played freely together, before retreating into their respective social classes. Still, they remain fond of each other. So when Nora’s body is discovered in a local park, Prudence is devastated. As other poor, vulnerable young women fall victim, the police are confounded. Has the Ripper crossed the Atlantic to find a new hunting ground? Is someone copying his crimes? A former Pinkerton agent, Geoffrey intends to step in, and Prudence is equally determined. But a killer with a disordered mind and an incomprehensible motive may prove too elusive for even this experienced pair to outwit.

Praise for What the Dead Leave Behind
“Simpson’s debut, first in a planned series, features complex characters, a vivid look at old New York in the late 1800s, and a mystery with a twist.”
Kirkus Reviews

 “This is a story to savor . . . Prudence is a stubborn, quick-witted American heroine who will remind readers of Tasha Alexander’s Lady Emily Ashton and Deanna Raybourn’s Lady Julia Grey.”

Save $11 on a treat for readers of Jon Krakauer and Douglas Preston! The Cold Vanish: Seeking the Missing in North America’s Wildlands by Jon Billman

The Cold Vanish: Seeking the Missing in North America’s Wildlands

by Jon Billman
4.3 stars – 740 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
Perfect for readers of Jon Krakauer and Douglas Preston, this “authentic and encyclopedic” book examines real-life cases of those who vanish in the wilderness without a trace (Roman Dial)—and those eccentric, determined characters who try to find them.

These are the stories that defy conventional logic. The proverbial vanished without a trace incidences, which happen a lot more (and a lot closer to your backyard) than almost anyone thinks. These are the missing whose situations are the hardest on loved ones left behind. The cases that are an embarrassment for park superintendents, rangers and law enforcement charged with Search & Rescue. The ones that baffle the volunteers who comb the mountains, woods and badlands. The stories that should give you pause every time you venture outdoors.

Through Jacob Gray’s disappearance in Olympic National Park, and his father Randy Gray who left his life to search for him, we will learn about what happens when someone goes missing. Braided around the core will be the stories of the characters who fill the vacuum created by a vanished human being. We’ll meet eccentric bloodhound-handler Duff and R.C., his flagship purebred, who began trailing with the family dog after his brother vanished in the San Gabriel Mountains. And there’s Michael Neiger North America’s foremost backcountry Search & Rescue expert and self-described “bushman” obsessed with missing persons. And top researcher of persons missing on public wildlands Ex-San Jose, California detective David Paulides who is also one of the world’s foremost Bigfoot researchers.

It’s a tricky thing to write about missing persons because the story is the absence of someone. A void. The person at the heart of the story is thinner than a smoke ring, invisible as someone else’s memory. The bones you dig up are most often metaphorical. While much of the book will embrace memory and faulty memory—history—The Cold Vanish is at its core a story of now and tomorrow. Someone will vanish in the wild tomorrow. These are the people who will go looking.

Trader Joe wrote a memoir

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From The New Yorker: The book is a sort of “Kitchen Confidential” for the grocery business, but without the drugs or rage.

In the sixties, a thirty-two-year-old entrepreneur named Joe Coulombe presided over a midsize chain of California convenience stores called Pronto Markets. The company, which lived in the shadows of 7-Eleven, was nearly bankrupt. One afternoon, a desperate egg supplier paid Coulombe a visit. He had a major problem: he had far too many extra-large eggs. In order to off-load them promptly, he offered them to Coulombe at the same price as the plain old large eggs. This meant that Pronto Markets could sell extra-large eggs—which were twelve per cent per dozen larger than the large eggs, a meaningful difference to customers—at a discounted price, undercutting other chains.

The success of the discounted extra-large eggs helped buoy Coulombe’s stores, and eventually allowed him to embark on his path to grocery-business notoriety. A few years later, he used the financial resources and customer insights that he’d acquired through Pronto Markets to start Trader Joe’s, a grocery store known for its seemingly irreconcilable characteristics: high-quality, health-minded foods self-branded and sold at bargain prices. Coulombe would build an empire rooted in small-scale cleverness and common sense, exploiting loopholes and product discontinuations, zigging where others zagged, and turning the rest of the grocery business’s trash into treasure for Trader Joe’s.

Coulombe, who died last February, at the age of eighty-nine, was one of the very few business leaders who could make minor discounts on the price of eggs feel monumental on the page. He tells plenty of these kinds of fun-fact-laden business tales in “Becoming Trader Joe: How I Did Business My Way and Still Beat the Big Guys,” an unusually colorful and sensible business guide that refuses to glamorize entrepreneurship. Coulombe insists that success in business hinges not on the mind of a visionary leader or anticipating a technological disruption but on more mundane and hard-earned factors: ruthless product knowledge, respect for employees, plenty of good luck, and a deep understanding of complex legislation. (“We had found a loophole in the law, and by God we drove a truck through it!” Coulombe writes.)

Read full post on The New Yorker