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Kindle Nation Daily Free Book Alert, Sunday, October 3: The DNA of Relationships, the Silk Road Travel Series, Space Opera, Arousing Love, and a Dozen More New Free Promotional Titles in the Kindle Store! plus Cate Rowan’s award-winning Kismet’s Kiss (Today’s Sponsor), and Links to Over a Million Free Kindle Titles

We’re on a great roll with dozens of new additions to our list of free contemporary Kindle Store listings never before seen in our Kindle Nation Daily Free Book Alerts….

But first … a word from Today’s Sponsor

(Editor’s Note: Some people are born to entertain us, born to tell stories, born to write. Cate Rowan seems to have known from a very early age. Jurors of the Romance Writers of America Golden Hearts competition have known it for a while. Readers have been discovering it with such intense pleasure that I have barely been able to keep up with the 5-star reviews. But our mission today at Kindle Nation is to help let the rest of the world discover Cate Rowan, one Kindle at a time….S.W.)

Kismet’s Kiss (Alaia: The Women of Kismet, Book One) 
By Cate Rowan
4.9 out of 5 stars – 9 Reviews – Kindle Price:    $2.99 – Text-to-Speech: Enabled

When a deadly epidemic strikes a sultan’s family, only a magical healer from an enemy land can save them. Soon the sultan wonders if he can save his heart from the feisty infidel, though his culture condemns her sorcery.

KISMET’S KISS is a two-time RWA Golden Heart® Finalist and a winner of the Duel on the Delta, Molly, and Put Your Heart in a Book contests.

In the desert realm of Kad, a deadly epidemic strikes the palace of Sultan Kuramos. Only a magical healer from an enemy land may have the skill to save his household. He doesn’t realize that healer is a woman.  Varene finds her own surprises in Kad. She expects the sultan’s arrogance, but not his courage or his selfless care of the ill—or the possibility that the epidemic is the curse of a vengeful goddess.  Kaddite culture condemns Varene’s mystical talents and her presence triggers a plot to overthrow Kuramos. Yet as he and the healer toil for the cure, he loses his heart to her. She falls for him as well, but how can she relinquish her homeland and her principles for him—especially when he already has a harem and his family may be cursed?   
Praise for KISMET’S KISS:  
  • “Magic, passion, and intrigue—KISMET’S KISS has it all! Cate Rowan’s uniquely compelling fantasy debut is set in a fascinating and fully realized world where danger lurks in every shadow. Rowan is definitely an author to watch!” – Alyssa Day, New York Times bestselling author  
  • “KISMET’S KISS is a compelling tale of love and duty set amid the clash of cultures. A thoroughly enjoyable adventure!” – Jana Oliver, author of the Time Rovers series and DEMON TRAPPER’S DAUGHTER  
  • “A wonderful Arabian Nights story laced with humor and scheming with intriguing twists.” – Robin D. Owens, RITA-winning author of HEART THIEF and GUARDIAN OF HONOR  
  • “KISMET’S KISS is a lush, inviting, immersive gem of a book. No one who loves being swept away by a great story should miss this!” – Kendra Leigh Castle, author of CALL OF THE HIGHLAND MOON and RENEGADE ANGEL  
  • “KISMET’S KISS has everything a reader of fantasy could ask for—suspense, action, incredible world-building and magic. What captured me most was a romance so exquisitely crafted that it kept me up all night, devouring every word until the very last page. This story is a one-sitting read to be savored again and again!” – Shelby Reed, author of THE FIFTH FAVOR and MIDNIGHT ROSE 

More About Author Cate Rowan

Cate Rowan has washed laundry in a crocodile-infested African lake, parasailed over Cabo, and swum with dolphins, but her best adventures are her story worlds. Her lush fantasy romances about magic, danger and passion in faraway realms have won more than thirty awards. Her debut novel, Kismet’s Kiss, was a two-time Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® finalist.

Cate credits her favorite childhood authors–a list that includes J.R.R. Tolkien, Guy Gavriel Kay, Anne McCaffrey, Nora Roberts, Ursula K. Le Guin, James Herriot, and C.S. Lewis–for her love of fiction, great characters, and a rich imagination. She also thanks her family for forgiving all those times she brought a novel to dinner.
For more information on Cate’s books, please visit CateRowan.com. You can also follow her on Twitter or on Facebook. Cate thanks all her readers for their support!

Visit Amazon’s Cate Rowan Page 

Click on the titleto download Kismet’s Kiss (Alaia: The Women of Kismet, Book One) (or the free sample) to your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Android-compatible, PC or Mac and start reading within 60 seconds!
UK Customers: Click on the title to download Kismet’s Kiss (Alaia: The Women of Kismet, Book One) from the UK Kindle Store
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Free Promotional Titles in the Kindle Store
Note: (Updated Oct. 2, 2010) – Click here for a separate list of Erotica titles sponsored by Rena Diane Walmsley’s steamy coming-of-age novel Girl on Fire

Click here for a complete listing of over 100 free promotional titles and links to millions of other free books for your Kindle.

Click here for a complete listing of over 100 free promotional titles and links to millions of other free books for your Kindle.

Click here for a separate listing of free and bargain erotica titles for your Kindle.

 Outlander: with Bonus Content
by Diana Gabaldon 
4.4 out of 5 stars – (1,672 customer reviews) – Kindle Price:    $0.00 – Text-to-Speech: Not enabled 
Doubleday Book Club main selection, Literary Guild alternate.  

In Outlander, a 600-page time-travel romance, strong-willed and sensual Claire Randall leads a double life with a husband in one century, and a lover in another. Torn between fidelity and desire, she struggles to understand the pure intent of her heart. But don’t let the number of pages and the Scottish dialect scare you. It’s one of the fastest reads you’ll have in your library.  While on her second honeymoon in the British Isles, Claire touches a boulder that hurls her back in time to the forbidden Castle Leoch with the MacKenzie clan. Not understanding the forces that brought her there, she becomes ensnared in life-threatening situations with a Scots warrior named James Fraser. But it isn’t all spies and drudgery that she must endure. For amid her new surroundings and the terrors she faces, she is lured into love and passion like she’s never known before.      I was lame and sore in every muscle when I woke next morning. I shuffled to the privy closet, then to the wash basin. My innards felt like churned butter. It felt as though I had been beaten with a blunt object, I reflected, then thought that that was very near the truth. The blunt object in question was visible as I came back to bed, looking now relatively harmless. Its possessor [Jamie] woke as I sat next to him, and examined me with something that looked very much like male smugness.”   Gabaldon creates characters that you’ll remember, laugh with, cry with, and cheer for long after you’ve finished the book. –Candy Paape From Publishers Weekly 

Absorbing and heartwarming, this first novel lavishly evokes the land and lore of Scotland, quickening both with realistic characters and a feisty, likable heroine. English nurse Claire Beauchamp Randall and husband Frank take a second honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands in 1945. When Claire walks through a cleft stone in an ancient henge, she’s somehow transported to 1743. She encounters Frank’s evil ancestor, British captain Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall, and is adopted by another clan. Claire nurses young soldier James Fraser, a gallant, merry redhead, and the two begin a romance, seeing each other through many perilous, swashbuckling adventures involving Black Jack. Scenes of the Highlanders’ daily life blend poignant emotions with Scottish wit and humor. Eventually Sassenach (outlander) Claire finds a chance to return to 1945, and must choose between distant memories of Frank and her happy, uncomplicated existence with Jamie. Claire’s resourcefulness and intelligent sensitivity make the love-conquers-all, happily-ever-after ending seem a just reward. 

Click here to see a dozen other Kindle editions by Diana Gabaldon, most in the $6 to $8 range.

The New World is a story-length Kindle Exclusive prequel that sets the stage for the world you will discover in The Knife of Never Letting Go, The Ask and the Answer, and Monsters of Men, each of which is now available for pre-order at Kindle-appropriate prices in the Kindle Store. (Order them now and they will be delivered automatically to your Kindle or Kindle App on October 18, but between now and then you’ll have plenty of time to read this free copy of the prequel, which runs 589 locations).

The New World 
by Patrick Ness – Kindle Price:    $0.00 – Text-to-Speech: Enabled 

Kudos to indie publisher Candlewick Press in my neighboring town of Somerville for working with Amazon to nail the perfect Kindle-appropriate process of bringing out a new sci-fi/fantasy/YA series for Kindle readers!

Elvis and The Dearly Departed
Elvis and The Dearly Departed
by Peggy Webb
4.2 out of 5 stars  (9 customer reviews) – Kindle Price: $0.00 Text-to-Speech: Enabled

They say you can’t get to Heaven without passing through the Eternal Rest Funeral Home. And no one gets into Eternal Rest without passing muster with Elvis-the basset hound who’s convinced he’s the reincarnation of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Brewing up a big ol’ pitcher of Mississippi mystery, Peggy Webb’s delightful new series is as intoxicating as the Delta breeze.

Raising Jake

by Charlie Carillo
4.5 out of 5 stars (79 customer reviews) – Kindle Price:    $0.00 – Text-to-Speech: Enabled

The 7th Victim
The 7th Victim
by Alan Jacobson – Kindle Price: $0.00 – Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Jacobson’s third novel (after False Accusations and The Hunted) has all the ingredients for a best-selling psychological thriller: strong female lead, multifaceted serial killer, compelling plot, and just enough secrets and surprises to keep the adrenaline racing. The hunt is on for the notorious Dead Eyes killer who is preying on young women. Karen Vail is a gritty yet vulnerable FBI profiler with a precarious personal life. As Vail and the task force pursue the serial killer, readers are drawn into the inner sanctum of a profiler while simultaneously privy to the killer’s crazed thoughts. The murders rapidly escalate, and Vail’s personal life is careening out of control, threatening to derail her investigation. When the killer strikes a seventh time, surprising revelations provide a shocking finale. The author’s seven years of study with the FBI’s profiling unit have helped him craft a riveting, authentically detailed thriller that will ensnare readers. Strongly recommended for all popular fiction collections.—Mary Todd Chesnut, Northern Kentucky Univ. Lib., Highland Heights 


 by Alan Jacobson – Kindle Price:    $0.00 – Text-to-Speech: Enabled  
Pre-order FREE now and this title will be auto-delivered to your Kindle on October 5, 2010.

Michael Connelly, New York Times bestselling author: “From the first page Velocity is as relentless as a bullet. Karen Vail is my kind of hero and Alan Jacobson is my kind of writer!”  

Supervisory Special Agent Michael Upchurch, Drug Enforcement Administration (ret): “Jacobson captures the complexity of the mission faced by DEA, the threat posed to our country, and the constant danger our agents face battling members of international drug trafficking organizations. As someone who devoted his career to carrying out that mission, I can say first-hand that Velocity hits the target. Jacobson’s acquired a new fan.” 

Ridley Pearson, New York Times bestselling author: “Alan Jacobson writes with a firm hand, a strong voice, and fine eye for detail.”

Twelve Kindle-Compatible Math and Science Textbooks

Can you imagine a future when high school students can work on their tans, shoot baskets in the driveway, or chill on the sofa while their Kindles read their homework assignments to them?
That future is here, and here are 12 very useful and very free high school math and science textbooks to prove it. With innovative public high school administrators like Clearwater High School’s Keith Mastorides buying Kindles by the thousands for their students, it is just a matter of time before we’ll see textbook publishers jumping through hoops to provide Kindle editions of their texts. But these 12 free math and science ebooks with text-to-speech enabled are a great start, and they are well worth downloading and keeping in your Kindle archives for whenever you or someone younger in your family might need them. They’re pretty good on the Kindle 2 or 3, fine on a Kindle DX, and especially user-friendly on an iPad, Mac, or PC. 
(Once you buy just about any Kindle ebook, it’s a snap to go to your Manage Your Kindle page and send the ebook to other registered devices to which you have downloaded free Kindle apps. See the screenshot above at the right.)

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