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Fur-Face by Jon Gibbs — a middle grade fantasy about unusual friendships, unlikely alliances, and wanting to fit in — is our Kindle Nation eBook of the Day, and here’s a free sample!

An evil scientist with a dastardly invention and a sadistic billionaire with a diabolical plan? Up against two teenagers and one amazing cat, they don’t stand a chance! 

Here’s the set-up for Fur-Face by Jon Gibbs, one of those librarian’s recommendation for kids from 7 to 13 that will actually appeal to kids, and adults, of all ages:

When 13-year-old Billy Euston moves to the English country village of Little Chumberry, he finds an unlikely friend in Snowy, an outrageous talking cat that only he can hear. 

Through Snowy he learns of an evil scientist who kidnaps local animals for use in experiments on inter-species communication. Billy finds himself drawn ever deeper into a world of cruelty and exploitation, where every answer uncovers another question. 

Who is Fur-Face? Why does he operate on animals’ brains? What really goes on in the tunnels beneath Adventure Safari (the nearby zoo and theme park)? With the help of Snowy and Carmen, a local girl whose grandmother owns both the research center and the park, Billy tries to find out, not realizing his search for answers could cost Snowy every last one of his nine lives. 

From the Reviewers:

Jon Gibb’s Fur-Face can take its place among classics like Robert O’Brien’s Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, Richard Adams’s Watership Down and Robert Lawson’s Fabulous Flight. They all involve marvelous interaction and communication between thoughtful animals and, often, children….

Sometimes juvenile literature charms adult readers as well, and from the start Fur-Face by Jon Gibbs had me reading with delight….

Great plot and engaging characters…Highly recommended!  Fur-Face is a fast paced story with an intriguing plot….

Child friendly, without being just for kids….

Potentially a classic.  Although Fur-face was written for the “young adult” market, it’s written well enough that adults of all ages will enjoy it….

I’m reading Fur-Face to my ten-year-old son and he’s enjoying it. He laughs at Snowy’s quips and jokes and when him and Razor traded (G rated) insults. If you need a fresh bedtime story for your kids, this is a good choice….

If you have middle grade kids, they will LOVE Snowy. 

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:

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