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Kindle Nation Daily Free and Bargain Book Alert, Monday, April 4: 200+ Free Contemporary Titles + Celebrate GLOBAL MONOPOLY DAY early with FIVE MAGICAL MARKDOWNS ON KINDLE! plus … One of the best 99-cent reads ever: L.C. Evans’ We Interrupt This Date (Today’s Sponsor)

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But first, a word from … Today’s Sponsor

It’s bad enough having a life crisis – in Susan Caraway’s case, a divorce – but just when she’s getting herself back together, a bucket of other peoples’ crises are dropped into her lap, along with two Chihuahuas with attitude, courtesy of her Mama. Will Susan be able to able to rekindle the heat with Jack in the midst of this mayhem? Get the answer for just 99 cents…

“Move over, Janet Evanovich, L.C.Evans might have a combination that is fresh as well funny! She shows herself as a major player in the romantic comedy market!”
–Ellen In Atlanta, Top 1000 Reviewer

We Interrupt This Date
by L.C. Evans
4.4 out of 5 stars   30 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled 
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Twenty 5-Star Reviews!

Here’s the set-up:

Since her divorce a year ago, Susan Caraway has gone through the motions of life. Now she is finally coming out of her shell. Just when she decides on a makeover and a new career, her family members decide she’s crisis central. First there’s her sister DeLorean who has come back from California with a baby, a designer dog, and no prospects for child support or a job. As soon as DeLorean settles in at Susan’s home, Susan’s son Christian returns from college trailing what Susan’s mama refers to as “an androgynous little tart.” Then there’s Mama herself, a southern lady who wrote the book on bossy. A secret from Mama’s past threatens to unravel her own peace. But not before Mama hurts her ankle and has to move into Susan’s home with her babies—two Chihuahuas with attitude. Susan would like to start her new job as a ghost tour operator. She would like to renew her relationship with Jack Maxwell, a man from her past. But Jack isn’t going to stand in line behind her needy family.

What the Reviewers Say
“If you like Southern Fiction, this is the book for you. “We Interrupt This Date” is Southern Fiction at its best. I am Southern born and bred and could relate to every word of this book. L.C. Evans has a wonderful writing style that I really enjoyed. The only thing that I didn’t like about this book was when I reached the end. I wanted more! I hope L.C. Evans has a sequel in the works because I just can’t get enough of Susan Caraway, the leading character in the book.”
Kristie Leigh Maquire, author Second Chances

“It was very well edited and the plot moved along. The introduction of the ghost tours and giving us background on that was genius of the author, it brought another element into the story without burying us in the details. Sweetly written with heart. Recommended for those looking for a light read or those like southern fiction.”
–Candy Beauchamp, Top 500 Reviewer

“Evans has cooked up another tasty literary stew. As an author she is akin to a five-star French chef who can adroitly blend breathing characters we can easily relate to with unusually colorful locales and well-crafted storylines into the most pleasant of reading experiences. The smooth flow of her novels comes from her innate ability to seamlessly mix all of her ingredients into a visual feast for he reader.”
–John Strumsky

About the Author

L.C. Evans currently lives in North Carolina with her husband Bob, their three or four Chihuahuas, and grandson, the Boy. Taking on the care and feeding of the Boy has made her a born again soccer mom, who suffers from occasional bewilderment over what kids like these days. When not wrangling the Chihuahuas and the Boy, she writes novels. Ms. Evans loves to hear from fans. Visit her at: http://www.lcevans.com

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