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Aggie Villanueva’s Rightfully Mine, a 5-star novel ripped right from the pages of the Old Testament, and just $3.97 on Kindle! Here’s a free sample of our Kindle Nation eBook of the Day!

“Why should the name of my father be wiped from Israel like footprints in a sandstorm because he bore only daughters?”

Here’s the set-up for Aggie Villanueva’s Rightfully Mine, just $3.97 on Kindle:

The Promised Land – God’s precious gift to the Israelites through the conquest of Canaan. But for Rizpah, the promise seemed empty; only a male could inherit land. 

She only has one option: to petition Moses on behalf of her self and her sisters.

Despite the odds against her, Rizpah must fight for what is rightfully hers!

From the reviewers:

The era between the Jews’ forty-year wandering and their victory over Canaan is the setting.  Rizpah (referred in Numbers 27 as Noah) is the second eldest daughter of Zelophehad. Upon her father’s death due to the plague, Rizpah fears she and her sisters will lose everything because only sons can inherit land, not daughters. Rizpah insists she must fight for what is “rightfully hers”, believing there must be a way to petition Moses to allow them their inheritance.

In this unconventional historical love story, long-time author (and photographer) Aggie Villeneuva takes an thoughtful look at an event in the Bible that is often brushed over. History is changed forever when headstrong second-born daughter Rizpah (Noah in the biblical account) takes matters into her own hands and does the unthinkable by barging into the assembly and demanding an equal share of land with her father’s brothers.

Aggie Villanueva shares with us a compelling story of strong women in a time when women were not allowed to be strong. Her main character and her sisters must fight for what they feel is rightfully theirs without upsetting the male influences of their tribes.

Aggie Villanueva is a bestselling novelist, non fiction author, and critically acclaimed photographic artist represented by galleries nationwide, including Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.

Writing since the late 70s, Aggie Villanueva’s first novel, Chase the Wind, Thomas Nelson 1983, was published before she was 30 and her second, Rightfully Mine, from Thomas Nelson in 1986.

Villanueva freelanced throughout the 80s, also writing three craft columns and three software review columns, both for national magazines. She was featured on the cover of The Christian Writer Magazine October 1983.

For decades peers have described Aggie as a whirlwind that draws others into her vortex. And no wonder. She was a published author at Thomas Nelson before she was 30, and commenced to found local writers’ groups, the Mid-America Fellowship of Christian Writers three -day conference, taught at nationwide writing conferences, and published numerous writing newsletters for various organizations. Over the years she has worked on professional product launches with the likes of Denise Cassino, a foremost Joint Venture Specialist in the area of author product launches.

Aggie founded Visual Arts Junction blog February 2009 and by the end of the same year it was voted #5 at Predators & Editors in the category “Writers’ Resource, Information & News Source” for 2009.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:


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