Guest Kindle Nation Post: Experience Overwhelming Relief with THE BOOK OF AWFUL, by Romi Moondi

Guest Post by Romi Moondi

Once upon a time I was sad.
Then came “The Book of Awesome” by Neil Pasricha , which tries to make people feel glad.
This manufactured “happy” made me mad.
So I rebelled.
And that’s why The Book of Awful is available on Amazon.
This parody goes through one dreadful (and ridiculous) scenario after the next, to remind you how much worse life could really be.
Head lice is mentioned.
And deceitful online dating.
As well as nose hair if it grew to unlimited lengths.
Truly terrible things.

To cover off a vast array of concerns, the book is sectioned off into highly relevant topics for mankind (world issues, stalking, dating and romance, etc.). Sprinkled throughout are celebrity and pop culture references you may find relatable.
Most of all, I want to open your eyes to awful things you were completely unaware of, like… what we’d do if legal tender was switched to shrunken monkey heads, rendering all attempts at making counterfeit money unsuccessful. Or…what a challenge it would be to self-cuddle, if body pillows never existed.

By the end you won’t feel “awesome”…but overwhelming relief?

Highly probable.

The Book of Awful is available on Kindle Amazon US/UK/DE, at the low price of 99 CENTS for the summer.
To find out more about me you can visit my author page on Amazon and follow me on Twitter. Tweet-wise, I live by the following philosophy:

  • I DON’T tweet about my book, unless I’m re-tweeting someone else’s mention (which is a few times a week, max).
  • I DO have awkward run-ins in society that I tweet about…as well as my generally weird internal monologue. It’s a fun time.

Romi Moondi

(This is a sponsored post.)
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