Kindle Nation Bargain Book Alert! Think “Minority Report and Equilibrium meet 1984” in Newcity, where everyone is “content” … or else. Terry Persun’s CATHEDRAL OF DREAMS is a compelling tale of a dystopian future and personal heroism – 5 stars and just $2.99 on Kindle!

Here’s the set-up for Terry Persun’s The Cathedral of Dreams, just $2.99 on Kindle:

In Newcity, everyone is content. Bad feelings are not allowed, because your monitoring chip will alert the police to bring you in for treatment. Getting better is mandatory. Unchecked emotions made the world outside Newcity dangerous, unruly, and violent. At least that’s the official story in Newcity.

Keith knows something is wrong. Strange visions lead him to become one of the few who escapes Newcity. He fi nds freedom and companionship outside, but pressure building to revolt against the city’s insidious regime of social control. Leadership is thrust upon him, with only his visions for guidance, only a small band of friends for support—and the fates of both Newcity and the outside world at stake.

Cathedral of Dreams is a compelling tale of a dystopian future and personal heroism.

From the reviewers:

If you have ever seen the movie Equilibrium, you will understand the type of society vividly depicted by Persun. It is one where emotions are seen as dangerous and harmful, and where people are trying to figure out a way to remove emotions from humanity. – Miss Allegre

I loved this book. It’s exciting from the first page and it keeps you guessing the entire time. Navigating his life in Newcity as well as outside, Keith is led by two strange visions that help him on his quest. With just a twinge of 1984 mixed with lots of action, I thought this book was great! – Phil’s List

In the tradition of other utopian/dystopian novels, Persun takes the reader on a wild ride from the limited but adequate existence inside Newcity to the outside world, and then back to Newcity. – Kim Wiebusch

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