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Kindle Nation Bargain Book Alert! Romi Moondi’s THE BOOK OF AWFUL is our eBook of the Day – 4 stars on 20 reviews and just 99 cents on Kindle for the key to happiness?


Here’s the set-up for Romi Mooni’s The Book of Awful, just 99 Cents on Amazon:

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all held hands and pooped rainbows?

Sure, but until our world becomes a technicolor paradise, what’s the REAL way for people to get happy?

Avoiding catastrophe.

This parody of “The Book of Awesome” outlines one awful(ly
ridiculous) scenario after the next, to demonstrate how much worse life
could really be. Whether it’s a world where you finally meet your evil
twin, the cancellation of Facebook, or the discovery of unicorns that
forever alters society, you’ll feel relieved you’re only READING about

For ease of comprehension, the author lends her humble experiences to
several topics, and leaves no stone of embarrassment unturned (not even
the one where she had head lice as a grown adult).

To cover off a vast array of concerns, the book is sectioned off into highly relevant topics for mankind:

1. Self-Image
2. World Issues
3. Life Skills
4. Food and Drink
5. Society and You
6. Alternative Lifestyles
7. Stalking, Dating and Romance

You can read it all at once or jump in when you’re feeling blue. Not
that you’ll feel “awesome” by the time you’re finished…but
overwhelming relief?

Highly probable.

And relief isn’t far from happiness, is it? (Let’s not split hairs)

From the reviewers:

Great new voice.  I’ve never seen a better combination of racy wit,
sarcasm, pop culture awareness and (yet) humility. More importantly, I
laughed my you-know-what off too many times to count. Moondi has a
spectacular voice that’s on display on every page. Hopefully she can put
a few more books out before big media snatches her up and takes her
away. — Dave Conifer

I love cupcakes, the smell of bread baking, birds chirping and all
that malarky; but there’s nothing quite like the feeling of having
dodged a bullet. This book is a dense volume of bullet-dodging scenarios
that will not only leave you with that satisfying feeling of “glad I’m
that not that guy”, but also a thoroughly busted gut!  –  Danielle L.

Sarcastic, Cynical, Hilarious.  The minute I read the book blurb I
knew I needed this book. It was worth every penny. It’s so stinkin’
funny! Basically, if you want a fun read with cynical humor that will
make you laugh and feel just a little more grateful for what you have,
well this book’s for you. – Pamela

Romi Moondi writes a humor blog. In it she talks about her body, her
desire for sex/a mate/a boyfriend, her urban life, and pretty much
anything else she finds funny/ironic/sad.  There are a handful of laugh
out loud moments (maybe more if you are a single, urban, Indian-American
woman); certainly enough to justify the cost. Buy this e-book and read
it. – G. Jones

Do you really care what university I went to, whether or not I have
a fuzzy cat named Snowball (his name is actually Sammy), and how many
years I’ve been writing for?

I will assume you’re cooler than that, so the answer of course is no. What’s left then?

Okay I got it:

-I did not shy away from wearing denim-top-to-bottom in high school
(there is a direct inverse relationship between how much denim I wore
and how few tongues were launched down my throat at school dances…or
anywhere in high school at all).
-I’m continually baffled by that Malaysian baby whose father let him
smoke two packs of cigarettes a day. That baby had so many fat rolls,
and I thought cigarettes were supposed to be slimming.
-I always hated those insufferable couples who would cuddle and make
out on the subway…until I became half of one. But now I’m back to
being none of one so I hate them again.
I hope that will suffice for now, dear stranger. If not, feel free to follow my “over-share” account on twitter :-).

Regards, Romi

 And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample:


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