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Steve Williams’ GRASS is Our eBook of the Day at just $3.99, with 4.5 Stars on Four Reviews and Here’s a Free Sample!

Here’s the set-up for Steve Williams’ Grass, just $3.99 on Kindle:

Grass is a novel about grow ops, advertising, and two detectives who love golf.

Pot is America’s largest cash crop – worth more than wheat and corn combined. Otis M. Gaverill has taken marijuana cultivation to the next level. Otis owns Verdant Greenhouses and Florists. He also owns 318 grow houses. Verdant does over $700 million in business annually. The grow ops are even more profitable. The company provides his grow houses with soil, hydroponics, fertilizers, chemicals, hybrid and cloning expertise, and a front to launder the dope money.

There’s just one problem. A mysterious seven-man crew is knocking off his houses with military precision. Outlaws in their own country, the men have come to the US to get cash to finance a coup against the corrupt regime that chased them from their homeland.

The two cops leading the investigation into the grow-op rip-offs are Sal Mitchell and Eddie Sandovan. Mitchell and Sandovan have their own affinity with grass – they are golfers. They petitioned the city to provide their 8th Precinct with a green roof as an “environmental pilot project”. As a result Mitchell and Sandovan have a rooftop driving range, allowing them to hit golf balls into a park across the street.

Mitchell’s girlfriend, Mya Laing, is an advertising executive. As Mitchell tries to coordinate his investigation, Mya’s team is orchestrating an alternate reality game (ARG) for a client. Pioneered by the band Nine Inch Nails, the video game HALO, and the film The Dark Knight, ARGs are at the bleeding edge of the ad business, incorporating online clues, real life scavenger hunts, and creative improvisation from the players.

“Grass” brings together the game, the guerrilla force, the police and the dope dealers in dramatic fashion.

From the reviewers:

Fast-paced romp.  Thanks to the author for the fast paced golf/advertising/drug romp. Very interesting to see the three separate plot lines come together. Coming from the ad agency biz, I can tell you it is spot on for realism. coming from the angle of a golfer, I can only wish my accuracy was THAT good.  –  “KENadiens”

I had a hard time putting this book down. Bullets go pew! pew! and the characters are well fleshed-out and believable. I loved the anti-hero military squad – gritty and realistic.   – “ryan”

This book immediately grabs your interest. The first chapter sets the stage; after the first few pages I was already intrigued and knew it would be a good read. Great to see the author has another book ready. I’ll be watching for the sequel “Slice” to be announced. – “B”

Visit Amazon’s Steve Williams’ Page

Steve Williams is a 25-year veteran of the advertising industry. He created campaigns for a client list that included everything from cars, fast food, beer, lingerie and tourism. His work received national and international accolades from the best advertising awards competitions in the world. He is currently a marketing columnist and freelance writer. He is also an avid golfer.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample of GRASS by Steve Williams:


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