Kim Cano’s For Animal Lovers is Our eBook of the Day, Currently 99 Cents, with 4.9 Stars on 15 Straight Rave Reviews, and Here’s a Sample – 10% of sale price donated to the ASPCA®

Here’s the set-up for Kim Cano’s For Animal Lovers, Currently 99 Cents on Kindle:

Help homeless pets! 10% of sale price donated to the ASPCA® when the book is not offered free.

For Animal Lovers is a short story collection featuring three tales of speculative fiction, humanizing animals, that takes readers away from everyday reality and touches their hearts.

“Becoming Sacred” –The story of a cow on a farm who plans to escape to India.

“Pascal’s Magic” – A classic who rescued who tale about an adopted shelter cat.

“Abduction at Sea” – Deep sea fishing in Florida from a swordfish’s point of view.

* For Animal Lovers is for adults and children over age ten.

From the reviewers:

“It’s appropriate for all ages, makes for great bed time reading for the little ones. ”  – Kelly  |  3 reviewers made a similar statement

“This book is the best book that myself and my granddaughter ever read. ”  — janrosa  |  1 reviewer made a similar statement

“The author gets you to relate to the characters as if you know them, and you become a part of the story. ” — MPN  |  2 reviewers made a similar statement

Whole family enjoyed these stories!  A lovely book – well written and enjoyable. My children and I all read it and we really liked it – they said a four star rating, I thought 4.5 and my mother thought it deserved a five star rating. If you like animals, you’ll be sure to enjoy this.  –  BetsyF

These are truly creative stories told from different perspectives. I thoroughly enjoyed them and can’t wait to have my kids read them!  –  K. Preston

I read all three short stories and really enjoyed them all, but what I really loved is the story Becoming Sacred, the characters made you feel that they could really talk. Also so glad she is giving a portion to the ASCP.  –  “Lady in New Mexico”

OUTSTANDING!!! The author has an insightful view of life. I really liked her stories because it shows that people and pets go through lots of change in their lives. Both must learn to adapt. We can try to direct our lives, but as the author points out, some surprises are inevitable to happen and it’s how we cope with them and try to take control of the situation that matters. – “LMS”


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I was born November 13th, 1968 in Chicago, Illinois. I’m a Scorpio with Scorpio rising, for those who are astrologically-inclined. People often describe me as “intense.” I have an older brother, Dave, and the two of us were raised by my mom, a single parent, moving often.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m part Hungarian gypsy, but the moving trend continued as an adult, with stopoffs in both Arizona and New Mexico. At the moment, I’m back in Chicagoland, living in the suburbs with my husband and cat.

I have always wanted to be a writer. I’ve taken courses online at Writer’s Online University, read lots of Writer’s Digest books on technique, and subscribe to Writer’s Digest magazine. And, of course, I love to read. Yet I never devoted enough time to my passion. I would always get around to writing “someday.”

When the company I worked for closed its doors, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to write my first novel. While working on the second draft, I was meditating and got an idea: why not put a few short stories together as an e-book and share them with everyone–for fun, and to help raise money for animals. 10% of the book’s sale price is donated to the ASPCA®.

I hope everyone who reads For Animal Lovers enjoys it. I like to think it is affordable entertainment for all ages. Recently, I found out moms were reading the stories to their children. Since I don’t have kids, I hadn’t even thought of that. When I received an email from an 8-year-old fan saying how much he loved “Abduction at Sea,” and that it was his favorite story, it put a smile on my face. It made me think: what could be cooler than that?

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