Who Doesn’t Love A Good Mystery? Bestselling author Andrea Stein’s Never Go Back (The Minerva Mysteries) is a suspenseful “Whodunit” thriller – Now 99 Cents on Kindle!

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Here’s the set-up:


In Never Go Back twenty-something writer Lia Mitchell is living the perfect big city life. Great career – check, nice apartment – check, date with a cute guy – check…membership in an underground secret society – check.
The Minerva Society is network of highly influential people to whom Lia owes everything. So when the Minerva Society calls, Lia has to listen. She’s been drafted to retrieve the secret files of recently deceased Marilyn Cruz, an up and coming politician. Marilyn’s little black book may or may not contain information that some people want to stay buried.
Lia reluctantly accepts the job, only to find that it means a return to home – and her estranged family, When she returns to the wealthy horse country of New Jersey she finds that the quiet woods and idyllic farms hide secrets, deep secrets. When everyone she knows – and some people she doesn’t – warn her to stop asking questions, Lia digs in, especially when she realizes that Marilyn’s death may not be an accident – and the Lia’s own sister may be next to face danger.
Lia will learn that she can trust no one, not even the supposedly benevolent Minerva Society. But to whom much is given, more is expected. Finding out really happened to Marilyn Cruz and her secrets may just cost Lia everything she’s worked for – including her life.
The Minerva Mysteries is a new mystery series featuring Amelia “Lia” Mitchell, a writer with a growing online empire. She owes her success to talent, hard work, and the helping hand of The Minerva Society. To the public it’s a female networking organization, but to its members, it is a powerful circle of wealth and influence. Lia’s deep ties to the Minerva Society involve her in their sometimes shady road to power.
For those who like strong female detectives with a dash of sophistication, glamor and secret societies, Lia Mitchell and The Minerva Mysteries fit the bill.
Andrea Stein is an Amazon best selling author and blogger. Previous books include a tween mystery novel and how to books for moms.


One Reviewer Notes


“Who doesn’t love a good mystery? This one certainly did not disappoint! The protagonist Lia Mitchell is very savvy, strong-willed, yet humble considering her big city lifestyle and family wealth. Her persistence to find the truth throughout the story was equal parts refreshing and a tad frustrating at times, but it was absolutely necessary for the growth of her character. I loved the constant plot turns which kept me going until the final chapters. Just when I thought I knew “whodunit” there was some other detail that came to light and my theory changed yet again. I definitely look forward to book two in the Minerva Mystery series.” – Amazon Reviewer


About The Author


Ever since I was a kid I have been a reader – from Nancy Drew, to the Hardy Boys, right on up to Agatha Christie, Deanna Raybourn, Stephanie Meyer, and even Clive Cussler. Most of the time I’ll pick up a mystery, thriller, or romantic suspense – I love a story with a definite ending.

But I’ll read anything – from fiction, to self help. I love books that entertain – but I also love to learn something. I am a big fan of Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Suze Orman and David Bach.

I live in rural NJ, with my family – which includes 3 kids. I write the GirlMogul blog, mystery books and the GirlMogul Guides, which are concise Kindle guides for getting what you want.

On the mystery front, I’m hard at work on Minerva Mysteries, a series featuring amateur sleuth Lia Mitchell, a writer and member of the powerful, secretive Minerva Society, which is a bit like an all female Masons…

In addition to my non-fiction guides and grown up mysteries, I have written a tween adventure/mystery book titled, Raising Hannah – Or How to Rewrite History – it’s available for the Kindle or in paperback or visit www.GirlMogul.com for more about the books and characters.

As for hobbies – reading, cooking, sometimes, and more reading. I watch some TV though, but am always trying to carve out more writing time. Right now I’m a fan of Empire Boardwalk, Castle, True Love, Vampire Diaries, Bones, A Game of Thrones and Blue Bloods (still lovin’ Tom Selleck).

Hope you enjoy my books – if you do, you can always leave a review – I read them or drop by girlmogul.com

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