Del Law’s Fantasy/Sci-Fi Hybrid Beasts of the Walking City (Walking Cities Series) – Think The HBO Show “Game Of Thrones” Meets The Works of Author George R.R. Martin – 17 out of 18 Rave Reviews & Now For A Limited Time, Just 99 Cents (Regularly $2.99)

4.6 stars – 18 Reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

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Worlds collide in this roller-coaster ride of a novel that will appeal to fans of Naomi Novak, Patrick Rothfuss, and George R.R. Martin!

Blackwell is a haunted, bourbon-loving Beast on a one-way trip to steal from one of his world’s biggest gangster families–a family you just don’t want to cross.

But the theft is just the beginning, and Blackwell isn’t prepared for everything that comes next.

First, he’s hunted by a cult who wants to wipe his race out for good.Then, he’s a pawn stuck between powerful gangster families at each other’s throats.

Who can he trust–the guy he works for? That’d be Al Capone–not the nicest of employers. The beautiful and seductive double-agent named Mircada who will steal his heart? A huge fire-belching family kingpin named Nadrune who wants him for her pet? The mysterious woman Kjat, who loves him–and who’s filling up with crazy demons from another world? The crazed general who’s after him for revenge? (Not him; that’s pretty clear.)

Then there’s the mystery of a legendary flower that once belonged to his race, a flower that might change the world–if only he can find it.

Welcome to Beasts of the Walking City, a fast-paced, funny, sexy epic fantasy with steampunk cities that float and walk and fly, wild magic, exploding gangsters at each other’s throats, pyrotechnic wizard battles, time travel, crazy new alien races, and the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance.


“A writer with talent, vision, and a wise man’s knowledge of the human heart.” —Ed Falco, author of The Family Corleone

“If you’re interested…in ancient cities full of strange beings…in city-sized ocean ships that float through air over invisible lines of power, in corpse roads, mage knives, ancient excavations, mysteries, novel cultures, and varied landscapes, I literally can’t think of a book I can recommend as highly to you as Beasts of the Walking City.” –C. Luc Reid, author of Family Skulls

About The Author

Del Law’s writing has appeared in a number of literary publications, including Glimmer Train Stories, the Sycamore Review, Passages North, repeatedly in the Mississippi Review, and has received an Honorable Mention from the O. Henry Awards anthology. He’s won a Transatlantic Review Award in fiction, the Henfield Prize in short fiction, and a fellowship in fiction from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

Del lives in California’s rural Santa Cruz mountains, and his blog is online at

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