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Chance Sowin hoped only for a new beginning.

On October 31st, 2001, six weeks after escaping the World Trade Center attacks, Chance Sowin moves back home, hoping for familiarity and security. Instead, he interrupts a burglary during which his father, Dennis, is shot and killed.

What begins as a homicide investigation escalates when the Joint Terrorism Task Force arrives. Where he hoped for solutions, Chance finds only more questions: who killed his father, and why? Was his father–a physicist at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study–working on dangerous research? Why did Dennis build a secret laboratory in his basement?

Chance might not know the answers, but Cassie Lackesis, Dennis’ research assistant, thinks she does. She isn’t certain Dennis discovered a way to time travel, but she knows who told her: Chance.

Together with Cassie, Chance will go on a journey across time and space that will challenge his every notion of ideas like “right” and “good.” One young man’s desire to make a difference will become, instead, a race against time as he tries to prevent forces he could never understand from not just destroying the universe but rendering it nonexistent.

When every action has a reaction, every force its counter, Chance will find that the truest measure of his character is not what he wants but what he will do when the prodigal hour returns.

From the reviewers:

“The Prodigal Hour, the audacious, genre-bending novel by Will Entrekin, is a Rubik’s Cube of delights. Equal parts sci-fi, thriller, coming-of-age, and love story, the novel hurtles readers along Chance Sowin’s intriguingly unpredictable journey–forward, backward, and inward. A thrilling head rush of a book.”  –  -Elizabeth Eslami, author of Bone Worship: A Novel

An Audacious Treatment of Time Travel  I have never read a book on time travel that faced paradoxes as unflinchingly as The Prodigal Hour. Most books choose to ignore them, implying that time will somehow take care of itself, or that time is immutable and cannot be changed. Entrekin’s book plants itself firmly in theoretical physics and tackles paradoxes head-on, presenting the reader with a terrifying what-if scenario. –   Angela Perry

Apart from Back To The Future, I didn’t really have any experience with time travel. This was a novel written in a way that I could grasp pretty easily and could follow along with. The story keeps you intrigued and wanting to know what and when they are going to next.  –  Aaron

It’s a fantastic story that is both complex and simple at the same time. The premise of time travel and it’s potential ramifications create endless possibilities that keep the reader guessing up to the very last chapter. It’s excellent writing, full of action, driven by well developed characters. What more could you want?  — H.E. Roberts

“Will Entrekin always has something special to say and unique ways in which to say it. His writing captures lightning in a bottle.”  –  ~Shelly Lowenkopf

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Will Entrekin is a Pittsburgh-based writer. Born and raised in New Jersey, Entrekin studied fiction and screenwriting at the University of Southern California’s Master’s in Professional Writing program with best-selling authors Rachel Resnick, John Rechy, and Janet Fitch and filmmakers including Irvin Kershner, Syd Field, and Coleman Hough.

He wrote The Prodigal Hour with the guidance of Shelly Lowenkopf and Sid Stebel, an author Ray Bradbury called “The greatest writing teacher ever,” and received the 2007 Ruth Cohen Fellowship, as well as a 2008 lectureship position teaching composition. After graduating from USC, Entrekin earned an MBA in marketing from Regis University.

Entrekin has worked as a commercial production assistant at Young & Rubicam NY, an editor for the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services, and a personal trainer for Bally Total Fitness.

Entrekin studied literature and science at Saint Peter’s College in Jersey City, where he won the Stephen J. Rosen Memorial Writing award and earned membership into the national Biological, Literary, and Jesuit Honor societies. He graduated cum laude as a Gerard Manley Hopkins scholar with degrees in both science and literature, and studied theology with Father Robert Kennedy, S.J., roshi, a Jesuit priest and Zen master in the White Plum lineage. Entrekin is also an Eagle scout and a member of the Order of the Arrow in the Boy Scouts of America.

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