Broken Angels (Eve of Light, Book 1) by Harambee Grey-Sun – A Thought Provoking Cross-Dimensional Thriller … Watch The Book Trailer Here & Then Download For Just $2.99 **PLUS A Link to Enter This Week’s Kindle Fire HD Giveaway Sweepstakes

Broken Angels (Eve of Light, Book 1)

by Harambee Grey-Sun

A speculative thriller woven with cosmic Lovecraftian weirdness, Broken Angels is the first book in a Metaphysical Fantasy series entitled Eve of Light.  Metaphysical Fantasy is a subgenre that mixes action & adventure with philosophy & theology.  Think Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, but with an urban fantasy setting and geared toward mature readers (age 16 and older).
Broken Angels
4.0 stars – 2 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled

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Here’s the set-up from Kirkus Reviews:

In a near future when drug addiction and gangs push society closer to anarchy, the White-Fire Virus afflicts a small but important percentage. The STD shortens lifespans, distorts the mind and floods the body with bizarre, possibly sentient, photosensitive parasites. Those able to control the microbes via meds, their own will and light-tight full-body suits can develop amazing abilities, including shape-shifting and light bending (i.e. invisibility, heat rays and such). Other victims literally melt, and some go mad and turn into psychotic criminals. Robert and Darryl are two young virus-carriers who have joined an elite covert-ops squad, ostensibly searching for missing kids but more often hunting viral villains. But who are the do-gooders and who are the insane terrorists or pawns? Despite oft-referenced sexual elements, erotic content is hardly present; it’s the metaphysics—poetic, somewhat punny wordplay about the nature of God, art and Creation—that get full-frontal exposure. This title may even find a readership in religious fantasy literature, albeit of a pretty far-out variety. Avoiding the comic-book trap, this cross-dimensional thriller should give broad-minded readers a heady brew of thought and superpowered action.

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About The Author

Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Indiana, Harambee Grey-Sun (1975-present) wrote a religious column for Our Times Newspaper during most of the 1990s. His poetry has also appeared in publications such as CrossConnect, Epicenter, RiverSedge, the South Carolina Review, and the Wisconsin Review. He is currently writing a pre-apocalyptic fantasy series entitled Eve of Light which explores whether it’s possible for humankind to survive after the death of the Creator and the demise of the familiar world; Broken Angels is the first book in this series.

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