Follow The Downward Spiral of A Con-Artist in Frederick Lee Brooke’s Mystery Doing Max Vinyl (Annie Ogden Mystery) – 52 Out of 54 Rave Reviews & Just $2.99 on Kindle

Discover why Doing Max Vinyl (An Annie Ogden Mystery) currently ranks #1 on Goodreads Best Mysteries/Thrillers/Suspense Novels of 2011!

Doing Max Vinyl (Annie Ogden Mystery)

by Frederick Lee Brooke

4.7 stars – 54 Reviews
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Here’s the set-up:


Doing Max Vinyl (An Annie Ogden Mystery)

Doing Max Vinyl follows the downward spiral of computer recycling con-artist Max Vinyl. When his environmentalist girlfriend, Tris, finds out his dirty secret, all Hell breaks loose. Iraq war veteran Annie Ogden gets into the picture when her sister is threatened by two of Max Vinyl’s thugs. Meanwhile, Max Vinyl’s ex-wife, Ginger, has discovered she’s being shortchanged on her alimony payments, in more ways than one. How will Max counter the devastating attacks of three violent and vengeful women? By the end of the week, having extricated himself from one situation after another that would be hilarious if only they were happening to someone else, Max finds himself in a desperate struggle, fighting for his survival. Will Tris get the last word in their exchange of explosions? Will Annie Ogden find the answers she’s looking for? Nonstop comic action leads to a killer finale in this genre-bending tale of corporate chacanery and good old-fashioned betrayal.



From Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads


“I have read a great many Indie books recently and every once in a while you find a true gem. DOING MAX VINYL is one of those gems.”


“Read this book–you won’t be disappointed. BTW, I may just add Annie Ogden to my five-top-people-to-have-lunch-with list!”


“I particularly enjoyed two of the male characters, Ike and Tranny, a couple of ex-cons that work for Max Vinyl. The way that they fought like an old married couple as they dealt with the plot’s unexpected twists had me in stitches throughout the book.”


“Like Hiassen, who writes from an abiding affection for South Florida, Brooke’s satire of reckless polluting is rooted in a love and knowledge of Chicago and Lake Michigan.”


“Annie Ogden, a war veteran home after 3 tours of duty in Iraq, is trying to find her place in life. A self-sufficient, strong willed woman, she takes matters into her own hands to see justice achieved. The topic of returning veterans and their struggle to fit back into society is handled in a genuine, unique and passionate way.”


About The Author


I write books because I love playing with language, on the one hand, and creating characters and seeing what crazy things they will do if you set them free. I’ve spent more than 20 years living in different European countries such as France, Germany and Switzerland. I speak French, German and Italian, and I’ve been learning Turkish for the last five years just for fun.

My books are mysteries, for lack of a better word. Doing Max Vinyl is about a computer recycling con man, while Zombie Candy is about a serial adulterer who happens to love zombie movies. In both books, Annie Ogden, a recently returned Iraq War vet who is having trouble adjusting to civilian life, gets personally involved in taking down these world-class jerks. I like a book with a good dose of humor, and the humor can come from the absurd situations people find themselves in. The world we live in is an absurd place, and you can either laugh or cry about it.

When I’m not writing I’m usually reading. I like to write book reviews. Of course I love it when people review my books, too. I like to cook and sometimes post recipes on my blog. Zombie Candy contains most of the recipes in the book in an annex at the end. I also like to hike and travel and learn about other cultures.

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