Mike Messenger’s Thriller Check Out Time in Atlanta is Our eBook of the Day with 4.0 Stars and Here’s a Free Sample

Here’s the set-up for Mike Messenger’s Check Out Time in Atlanta, just $5.00 on Kindle:

The Continental is not your typical hotel and “Check Out Time in Atlanta” will not be your typical hotel stay.

This twisted crime thriller is imbued with titillating psychology and suspense. It is set in a crazy hotel where weird and disturbing events take place. Its overlapping Elton John rumors erupt wildly into an “America’s Most Wanted” type capture.

Gen-Xer, Cotie Garrett—among many insane and unforgettable hotel characters—finds his life is intertwined and forever changed by his disturbingly arrogant boss, Rob Duffy. Scheming and cunning, in this down and dirty south scenario, hotel manager Duffy goes to maniacal lengths to hide the hotel’s dark and urban underbelly. Yet its most vile secret ends up being revealed, after all.

From the reviewer:

This book is a kind of creepy crime thriller. It has many twists and turns inside of a fictionalized hotel. The author has a wealth of knowledge and a unique style of writing. It’s like a Grand Hotel from Hell with its seedy underbelly characters. Check out this great novel, you’ll be glad you did.  –  Laura J.


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A salesman by day, a novelist by night, Mike Messenger has held a medley of jobs and experienced more than his share of edge-of-your seat encounters while working as a hotel clerk, an international shipping accounts dealer and a master controller.

Mike Messenger’s writing has appeared in Atlanta 30306, The Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, Southeast Performer, and The Online Reader. After forays into short fiction and a harrowing, real-life brush with a fugitive, he is now settled comfortably in Atlanta, Georgia.

Messenger was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and “Check Out Time in Atlanta” is his first novel. He is currently writing his second novel, a romantic thriller.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample of Check Out Time in Atlanta by Mike Messenger:

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