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Kindle Nation Daily Bargain Book Alert: Think “Chinatown meets Three Days of the Condor” in a conspiracy thriller played out in the shadows of the 2012 Presidential election. Gerard Cappa’s Blood From a Shadow is Our eBook of the Day at just $1.85, with 4.6 Stars on 8 Reviews, and Here’s a Free Sample

November 2012. Homeland Security trumps democracy, fact is stranger than fiction.
November 2012.
24/7 Presidential election focus, but when Security outranks Democracy, fact may be stranger than fiction.

The Middle East is still untamed and Iran teases the nuclear button. Time to finish the game, they say, it is now or never.

Good Americans would be grateful, but they won’t ever need to know.



2012. War weary Americans hail the endgame in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But the old enemy, Iran, is more dangerous than ever.

So the war on terror continues, but it must be kept in the shadows now. The Presidential machines cannot allow a mistake, there is an election to be won.

Con Maknazpy is weary too, still searching for his own peace. A hero in his native New York’s famous 69th Regiment, he just wants to retreat into the shadows of the streets he knows so well.

But Maknazpy is no ordinary man, he has been anointed with destiny. It’s in his blood and in the shadows of his soul. And the ghosts of the past and the future mark out that destiny, in blood. Blood that takes him to Ireland, Rome and Istanbul before he finds his own truth in the shadows of his Yonkers childhood.

Maknazpy’s destiny is to be a savior, but can he save himself?


It’s the old story. Deadly enemies, cultures so alien that neither can tolerate the other’s very existence. The essence of ancient myth and legends, from the epic Shahnameh of Iran in the east, to the Táin of the Irish in the west. We have always created such righteous truths to validate our own worlds, so that our way is virtuous, theirs is immoral.

Maknazpy knows about the War on Terror. Nuclear Iran. Homeland Security.  If he survives long enough, Maknazpy can finally decide which truth, which world, is real.

Think Jim Thompson, James M Cain, Chester Himes and Eric Ambler. Reality is warped by confusion and lies, and the hero is always the last to know.

From the reviewers:

“Red herrings abound, and false leads. The Turkish sections become very intricate, so the busy plot demands patience amidst the threats and mayhem, as in the midst of rapid movements and conversations with which I sought to keep up. Similarly, its New York scenes turn as energetically as a quickly edited sequence from a film such as ‘The Bourne Identity’.” – Review from Fionnchú, Los Angeles, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer.

“Whether it’s through this literary subtext or whether it’s through the strengths in the writing itself, Blood From A Shadow does have an indefinable quality and true originality, finding a way to delve into a particularly Irish sensibility that has deep historical and mythological roots in its connection with the United States, and it places an unusual spin on a conventional genre that at times gives it an almost otherworldly quality.”  –  Review from Keris Nine, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

“BLOOD FROM A SHADOW, with several distinctively drawn and interesting characters, is fast-paced with a super abundance of sub-plots, story line twists, and gritty violence to satisfy any aficionado of the genre.”  —  – Joseph Haschka – Glendale, CA, USA,  Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

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And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample of Blood From a Shadow by Gerard Cappa:

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