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Here’s the set-up:

This is a book of brutal truth for women, by a man. The main purpose – to help you understand why you may not be in the dream relationship you really want, and instead find yourself stuck with the guys who aren’t even close to what you feel you deserve.

I’m Dylan Thrasher, the toughest yet most effective Dating, Love and Relationship Coach out there. I’ve helped thousands of women (and men) find and create lasting love.  I’ve been featured in the Boston Globe, Miami Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, Match.com, Shape and many other notable publications. I don’t hold back, and I don’t give you fluff – I give you my patented dose of CHT (cold, hard truth) that you may or may not be ready to hear. Either way, it will help you.

I have created a short book that will show you, with examples and reasoning mixed in with my own incorrigible sense of humor…

– How your friends have not been helping your cause, and why
– Why the men you have chosen in the past have done what they have
– What the media and other ‘experts’ have in common, and why it’s held you back
– The things you have valued may not be what you should be putting emphasis on
– What it means to be ‘too much,’ and what it means to be ‘too little’ in terms of interacting with someone
– The beauty of choice, variety and open mind
– How the past affects your future, and what to do about it

Time and time again, one thing that has remained the constant in my own relationships over the years has been one particular thing I have noticed from the friends of every woman I have been involved with. What is this constant, you may ask? It is their respective unhappiness with their own romantic situations. Now, I would love to say it’s because I’m so amazing that of course all my girlfriends of the past just glowed in joy, leading to an easy to tell difference between the relationship satisfaction between them and their friends, but it goes beyond that.

After a while, I realized I would be having the same conversation with so many of them over and over. And it was simply because they were following the same patterns, listening to the same misinformation, making the same mistakes. They would often repeat, ‘Oh my god, you should write a book,’ ‘Wait, is this how men really think and act?’ ‘See, if someone told me this before, I could have saved myself from so much frustration.’

After going through the same situation enough times, I realized I wanted to help on a larger scale. You have been there, and maybe you’re there right now. You have definitely had the friends that speak about it. You know what I’m talking about. The guy is using her for sex casually. Maybe he’s too busy in his career or maybe he’s in a complicated prior romantic entanglement, to put it nicely. You can call it ‘friends with benefits,’ you can call it a ‘booty call,’ you can call it female sexual empowerment – no matter what you call it, the constant is what it is – she is not fulfilled in the relationship.

Maybe she has been with him loyally for years, waiting for the ring that still hasn’t shown up yet. He says he just needs a little more time. Maybe she’s married, and lonely. Her husband works a lot, and when he’s home, well, the romance is just gone. Maybe she’s had it with relationships, and she dove headfirst into every other time-suck you can think off, pun intended.

Maybe ‘she’ is you. You want help, or at least some perspective. Congratulations on picking up the book. Let’s go make some changes in your life. For the price of loose change lying around, you can take a big step in improving your life, and finding true, lasting love.

5-Star Amazon Review

“Do you want the CHT (Cold, Hard, Truth.) If you do, then you have discovered the right book and the right author. Mr. Dylan Thrasher definitely tells it like it is while showing tough love and pointing out the obvious. You can save yourself from so much frustration going forward if you just take the time to read this book geared towards women, and entertaining for a man… This book is filled with such valuable information for anyone who is looking for the relationship that they lack so badly. I give this two thumbs up and find it very entertaining and truthful.”

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Here’s the set up:

“I have seen so many relationships fail over the years, and few succeed to the point where you would want them to if you were to share a life with someone. Sharing a life is a major thing to undertake with another person, and it makes one wonder how you can even start doing that with someone you’re not thrilled to be with, yet many do.

We listen to bad advice from family or friends who themselves are caught up in relationships that leave much lacking. We spent thousands of dollars on therapy, only to find it often too esoteric, too focused on concepts and cutting us off at 50-minute intervals, only to go home frustrated. We spend too much money with on New-Age type products to feel better, from energy crystals or hypnosis to whatever the fad of the month is.

It is strange, how we will look all over for answers, yet we will not look into ourselves and our partners to see if the love is real, and if it is, to really fix the underlying problems. Maybe therapy or balancing your chakra works for some, but for the rest who still go home thinking ‘But what do I DO about the problem?,’ here is your manual that will tell you in real-world terms, what the underlying cause of your problem really is and more importantly, HOW to fix it and your relationship in the process. Singles can get as much from this book as couples, and it is very possible that after reading this book you will look at relationships (and yourself) in a whole new light, leading your next relationship to possibly be the most rewarding one you have ever had.

Whatever you have done in the past obviously is not working. There’s a saying that if you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten. You deserve it, and it is about time you start living it.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you.

Dylan Thrasher”

About The Author
Dylan Thrasher is an acclaimed life, love and relationship coach whose extensive work in human behavior has helped thousands of men and women better their lives, attract the right partners, repair and improve the relationships they keep and learn when it is time to walk away. He offers personalized coaching services via his website at www.DylanThrasher.com.
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