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“This is What Nightmares Are Made of” – Steve Peek’s Horror Thriller Longclaws – 13 Straight Rave Reviews & Just $2.99


by Steve Peek

4.7 stars – 13 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Here’s the set-up:

Their world is crowded with active volcanoes, sulfur and acid rains, permanent thick clouds turn day into deep twilight. It is a violent place: moment-to-moment survival is victory, every creature is constantly predator and prey, sleep is certain death.
This is home to the longclaws, beings of super-human speed, strength and senses. Their predatory skills allow them only a tenuous niche in their hellish environment. Though smart and fierce, their rank in the food chain is far below the top. One clan leader draws from ancient legends of paradise and devises a plan to escape and take his clan to the otherworld – a world filled with slow, defenseless prey.
The clan activates an Indian mound deep in southern forests and enters our world -hungry for prey.
Torrential rains and washed out bridges force a runaway teen, an old dowser and a Cherokee healer to face the horrors of the clan’s merciless onslaught.
Mankind’s legends are filled with vampires, werewolves, dragons and other nightmarish. Perhaps our legend of hell is based on the world of the Longclaws.

Amazon Top Reviewers and Vine Voices say:

“the stuff of nightmares.”
“I was swept into darkly fabulous storytelling.”
“Instead of struggling to finish the book, I was thinking about the book when doing other things”
“5 Stars!  It is well written, hard to put down, character development, the way the author tied everything together and the fact that every time I thought I had it figured out I was wrong!”
“I was thrilled and impressed by Peek’s ability to transport readers to another world”

About The Author

Steve has only recently seriously taken to writing. Though he wrote and managed to have a couple of books published during his life, something clicked a few years ago and now, for better or worse, he sits at his table researching and writing about things that interest him.

His wife, Annie takes care of him. She keeps him eating too well and laughing often in their old farmhouse halfway up the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Steve’s forty year career in the game industry allowed him to travel extensively and explore histories and myths of peoples and places.

His books on Amazon include:

Alien Agenda
Coyote Dreaming
The Game Inventors Handbook

In addition to writing, he works in a vegetable garden trying not to be herbicidal, walks in the woods with a rescued dog and gathers imaginary eggs from a few cut-out, wooden hens.

He loves all things ancient and appreciates the magic of life and the interconnection of all things.

He would like to hear from you via jstephenpeek on facebook or jstephenpeek@hotmail.com

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample of Longclaws by Steve Peek:

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