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When We Eat Good, We Feel Good – Blend Your Way to Bliss: Tasty Superfood Smoothie and Herbal Elixir Recipes That Burn Fat, Boost Energy and Beautify Your Skin – 99 Cents For a Limited Time

Blend Your Way to Bliss: Tasty Superfood Smoothie and Herbal Elixir Recipes That Burn Fat, Boost Energy and Beautify Your Skin (Blend Smarter Book 1)
5.0 stars – 7 Reviews

Kindle Price: 99 cents


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***OFFICIAL BOOK LAUNCH SPECIAL OFFER*** Regular price $8.97 – Now ONLY $.99 Cents Through Sunday July 6th.

To sum up this book in one sentence: Blend Your Way To Bliss is about having fun, while creating next level. high energy Superfood Smoothie and Herbal Elixir recipes, without sacrificing taste.

When we eat good we feel good. When we feel good we smile more. When we smile more we’re happier. When we’re happier we are motived and inspired. When we’re motivated and inspired we can contribute more. When we contribute more everyone wins.

I believe that Superfood Smoothies and Herbal elixirs are one of the most exciting and fastest ways to make a rapid shift in your overall health and quality of life. I’ve learned over the last 15 years on a high performance health journey that if I use the right ingredients with the right proportions, and stay consistent, everything fits into place.

Just about everyone I’ve shared these recipes with says the same thing; they “feel” it and notice the pounds melting away if their overweight. Their energy levels soar and that healthy glow you only get from truly being healthy comes out.

I believe thats the true test. Let your body decide, not what all the different people are trying to tell you, including me. I get it, we’re all human and by nature don’t want to be constrained by the wall of diets and “you can never have that again” type mentality.There’s definitely some things I’d recommend to never have again, and those are just common sense.

Blend Your Way To Bliss: Tasty Superfood Smoothie and Herbal Elixir Recipes and a bonus Healthy Lifestyle Blueprint including surprise bonus recipes and more.

Is this a raw foods cookbook?

Is this a paleo smoothies ebook? Does it contain gluten free smoothie recipes?

Are these recipes vegetarian or vegan? It’s kinda like all 5 and more without being boxed into any one category. For example, you’ll find a few ingredients in some of the recipes such as Raw Honey. And that isn’t technically a vegan product so this book can’t be considered 100% vegan.

However, the recipes are designed to make it very easy for people who follow any style of eating to enjoy these recipes. Honey for example could be switched out for coconut palm sugar, or maple syrup. Another example is I provide several recipes to use as a “base” for your smoothies and one of these base recipes is Fresh Oat Mylk.

Even though many people who are focused on a gluten free diet eat oats, some experts argue that oats aren’t the best for people with gluten intolerances.

The oats can get contaminated from local fields growing wheat, and so therefore folks with gluten sensitivities may experience negative side effects. In this case you would just use one of the other base recipes.

Did you know that by just simply adding in one of these easy-to-make superfood or super herbal elixir recipes into your daily regimen it can dramatically improve your overall health and quality of life? This superfood smoothie recipe book shows you how to really upgrade your smoothie experience and Blend Smarter™.

The best smoothie recipes for weight loss are finally here.

Imagine enjoying just one of these delicious recipes 5 days a week and experiencing an upgraded lifestyle. Download this book to discover the following:

• How To Make Yummy Blender Recipes That Burn Fat
• What To Add To Your Superfood Smoothies To Maximize Their Energy Boosting Power • • How To Improve Your Sex Drive • How To Maximize Your Inner Motivation • Green Smoothie Cleanse Diet Tips and Tricks and much more.

Who Is This Book For? This book is for people who want to upgrade their smoothie experience to the next level. This book is for you if you are willing to invest in your health and get the proper ingredients that are needed to deliver the results you want and deserve. Download Blend Your Way To Bliss today and discover the experience for yourself.

About The Author

Adam Collins is a passionate seeker of high performance nutrition solutions that are based around Superfoods and Super herbs. He also was the original founder of Superfood Snacks® Inc., which was one of the first companies to introduce a raw chocolate snack into the natural foods industry back in 2006.

He feels most proud about Superfood Snacks being the pioneers of the world’s first printed food package that is made with non-gmo compostable packaging materials. This has changed the packaging industry forever. Adam lives on the island of Kauai, Hawaii and is driven to help others who help others so we can all help more people.

His experience in creating Superfood Snacks inspired him to help other aspiring entrepreneurs get their projects out into the world. He now also teaches ethical entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses by helping others and using social marketing. He believes entrepreneurs with a positive intent can make a very big impact in the world and provide crucial solutions to better humanity.

You can learn more about Superfoods and Adam by going to BlendYourWayToBliss.com/blog or for ethical entrepreneurs who want to learn how to grow your business through social marketing, visit his site at SocialStrategizer.com.

(This is a sponsored post.)

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