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Jamie had given up on the whole idea of marriage and white picket fences… That is, until Ken entices her into hot, steamy, dangerous waters.
Fall deep for Not Flowers, But Love by Krys Batts

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Not Flowers, but Love

by Krys Batts

Not Flowers, but Love
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Here’s the set-up:

Jamie Dubois is an ambitious professional who uses her job in Houston, Texas, to escape her calamitous history with men and love. Nothing has ever gone as expected and no one has ever turned out to be what he seemed. So Jamie has given up–at least for now–on the whole idea of marriage and white picket fences.

To ensure a steel-like control of her emotions, Jamie deliberately abstains from all romantic entanglements–until she meets Ken, a handsome man whose own career is skyrocketing.  For the first time in three years, Jamie is enticed into dangerous waters, entering into a long-distance dalliance that she endeavors to treat lightly. Since Ken lives in Miami, she reasons with herself that, despite their easy conversations and steamy lovemaking, she cannot–she will not–become unduly attached to him.

Unfortunately for Jamie, fate takes a turn that reduces her calculated control to smoke as Ken accepts a new job in Houston with her employer. Not only is he now local, but he’s her newest colleague.  Soon, she is mired in mayhem as the predictable life she knows is turned upside-down–and everything she wants becomes everything she can’t have.

About the author:

Krys Batts grew up in Houston, Texas and has always been passionate about writing. While enrolled at Spelman College as an English major, she took a variety of creative writing courses to refine her skills, benefiting greatly from the guidance of instructors who were also published authors. After graduating from Spelman College, Krys earned a Masters degree in Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Dallas while continuing to write short stories, poetry, and music in her spare time. In 2003, she published her first romance novel, Walls Fall Down, and then later went on to write What’s Done in the Dark, the first in a series of mystery/suspense novels that she has planned.

Krys has lived in Dallas, Texas for over fifteen years and is the proud parent of her pug, Lola. When not spending time with her beloved pet, she enjoys reading, practicing yoga, taking long walks, and enjoying time with family and friends.

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