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“The bastard child of an unholy marriage between Westworld and The Godfather… bloody brilliant!”
Sinthetica by Scott Medbury

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by Scott Medbury
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“The bastard child of an unholy marriage between Westworld and The Godfather… bloody brilliant!” – Christopher Cartwright, The Sam Reilly Series

Dimitri Molenski is a psychopath. A stone cold killer. He also happens to be the most powerful man in Chicago.

Ivan, his bodyguard, owes him everything. Molenski plucked him from the mean streets of Moscow and brought him to America twenty years before. Fed him. Clothed him. Paid him well. Gave him opportunities that he’d never have had back in Russia.

But Ivan has reached a crisis point. His soul burns with the terrible things he’s seen Molenski do… the terrible things Ivan himself has done in his name. It’s time to get out and make a new start before he loses himself completely.

Unfortunately, the only way out of the Russian’s grasp is usually via the morgue.

No, he decides he must bide his time and see out his contract… Molenski understands business. He won’t stand in Ivan’s way once their contract is complete.

All of that changes though, when the delivery arrives. Ivan has never seen his emotionless, controlled boss so excited.

He doesn’t know it then, but as he helps Molenski open the mysterious delivery, he’s opening a Pandora’s box that will unleash murder, mayhem and a pretty robot…

If you loved, Blade Runner, Westworld, or Humans, you will love Sinthetica – a near future thriller by the bestselling author of The After Days Trilogy, Scott Medbury.

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