Lacy is a sexy pushy reporter, everything Cade hates. Can Lacy convince Cade to give her a chance, even if means risking her life? CAPTURING THE COWBOY’S HEART by Lindsey Brookes

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by Lindsey Brookes
4.3 stars – 405 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

After losing his wife in an accident two years before, not long after he’d been forced from the circuit by an injury, thirty-two-year-old Cade Tyler, ex-rodeo champion, thinks life has thrown him more than lemons. But life isn’t done…it sends him Lacy Dalton.

She’s a reporter.

He hates reporters.

She’s pushy.

He hates pushy.

She’s sexy.

He…well, he just won’t let himself think of her that way.

The more Lacy learns about Cade’s past, the more she finds herself wanting to prove to him that not all reporters are bloodthirsty vultures. But her growing attraction to him puts not only her heart in jeopardy, but her life as well, because someone is out to ruin Cade and will do anything to make that happen.


I loved this book! It was an enjoyable read. I’m going to let you go by the Book Description. I don’t want to add more details to give more of the book away. I liked this book more than I thought I would. I I loved the main characters, Cade and Lacy. I also liked Cade’s best friend Burk. He added a lot of humor to this book. I still laugh when I think of some of the things he said. This is definitely a book I will read again. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!” – Verified Amazon Five Star Review

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