Hugh and his team take the Andrews’ case to trial, feeling certain of a big win—until their witnesses start to die…
The Death of Distant Stars by Deborah Hawkins

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The Death of Distant Stars, A Legal Thriller

by Deborah Hawkins
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Here’s the set-up:

Hugh Mahoney is the most powerful plaintiff’s attorney in America, with a self-admitted weakness for beautiful women. When the stunning public defender, Kathryn Andrews, asks him to bring a wrongful death suit against Wycliffe Pharmaceutical for the death of her public defender husband, Tom, Hugh agrees to take the case. But from their first meeting, Hugh has misgivings because he is convinced Kathryn is hiding a dark secret about her marriage. As Hugh and his team of high-priced of Goldstein, Miller attorneys prepare their case, they find more and more evidence that Wycliffe has covered up the deadly properties of the drug that killed Tom. And, at the same time, multiple attempts on Kathryn’s life confirm that the Goldstein, Miller lawyers are very close to uncovering the truth.

Feeling certain of a big win, Hugh and his team take the Andrews’ case to trial. But one by one his witnesses start to die, Hugh himself is arrested in front of the jury, and a surprise witness reveals the disastrous secret of the Andrews’ marriage. Will the Andrews’ case be the end of Hugh and his empire?

“Audiences who usually eschew this genre for its predictable formula approach will find nothing staid about The Death of Distant Stars. The result is a gripping saga that winds through private lives, and political and legal confrontations alike in a story that’s hard to put down and satisfyingly unpredictable in its fine conclusion.” – D. Donvan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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