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From #1 best-selling author Joy Ellis, an outstanding crime thriller that you won’t want to put down: THIEVES ON THE FENS

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THIEVES ON THE FENS a gripping crime thriller full of twists

4.9 stars – 30 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
Do you love gripping detective mysteries? Then try this book by a #1 best-selling author now. You won’t be able to put it down. By an author everyone’s talking about.

DI Nikki Galena gets a series of anonymous calls. She is told the place, time, and who will die.

But the messages are in a secret language used only by villains. Nikki and her team must decode the riddles and work out where the threats are coming from.

Meanwhile, the fens have been hit by a series of “designer burglaries.” It appears that a new gang of thieves are stealing to order.

And things get very close to home when a friend of Nikki’s mother dies suddenly and perhaps suspiciously.

Do any of these events relate, and can Nikki stop the thieves on the fens, before anyone else dies?

Full of twists and turns, this is a crime thriller that will keep you turning the pages until the heart-stopping ending.

The cases will come to a head in one of the most complex and absorbing books yet in the series. This is book 8 of the international best-selling books featuring Nikki Galena.

What people are saying about THIEVES ON THE FENS

“A fantastic read from start to finish.” Nerys

“What a brilliant book, the best I’ve read for a while.” Viv

“I read this in one day, I just couldn’t tear my eyes off this book.” Carole

“This book had me gripped from the first page and I literally couldn’t put it down.” Bonnies Book Talk

“The suspense begins immediately in this book and continues at a high level throughout the book. It’s twisty and turn-y to the reader’s delight.” Joyce Fox

DI Nikki Galena: A police detective with nothing left to lose, she’s seen a girl die in her arms and her own family destroyed. She’s tough on criminals but fiercely loyal to her team.

DS Joseph Easter is the squeaky-clean member of the team. But his nickname “Holy Joe” belies his former life as a soldier. He has a daughter and an ex-wife who wants his attention.

The Lincolnshire Fens: great open skies brood over marshes, farmland, and nature reserves. It is not easy terrain for the Fenland Constabulary to police, due to the distances between some of the remote fen villages, the dangerous and often misty lanes, and the poor telephone coverage. There are still villages where the oldest residents have never set foot outside their own farmland and a visit to the nearest town is a major event. But it has a strange airy beauty to it, and above it all are the biggest skies you’ve ever seen.

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