The gripping story of the journey of a feisty five-year old and two strong women…. The Last Orphan by Jeffrey Lowder

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The Last Orphan

by Jeffrey Lowder
4.8 stars – 7 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Parowan, Utah Territory – August 12, 1859
Two years after his mother and father were murdered in an attack on their California-bound wagon train, little Tommy Dunning crouches in an old root cellar, quivering with cold—and raw fear. Somewhere just above him, men are searching, army men who want to take him away from the only home he remembers. Local settler Eva Dunning believes with every thread of her being that God delivered the orphan to be raised by her. She watches and prays the soldiers will not find the child. But forces beyond her control are closing in. Major James Carleton has orders to collect the boy, Eva’s husband Bennet is threatening to expose their secret, and back in Arkansas, the aging Ruby Seddon is hiring a ruthless gunslinger to help rescue her grandson, no matter the cost in blood or gold. The Last Orphan is the journey of a feisty five-year old and two strong women, each of whom believes God has chosen her to raise the boy in love and the “correct” faith tradition.
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