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Nora Black Midlife Psychic Cozy Mysteries : Books 1 – 3 (A Nora Black Midlife Psychic Mystery)

by Renee George
5.0 stars – 2 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
This omnibus contains the first three novels in the Nora Black Midlife Psychic Cozy Mysteries. An unputdownable, thoroughly enjoyable series that is set in an idyllic resort village by USA Today Bestselling Author Renee George. Featuring a middle-aged heroine, strong friendships, and a new chance for romance…and a murder that only this heroine’s nose can sniff out.

Sense and Scent Ability (Book 1)My name is Nora Black, and I’m fifty-one-years young. At least that’s what I tell myself, when I’m not having hot flashes, my knees don’t hurt, and I can find my reading glasses.

I’m also the proud owner of a salon called Scents & Scentsability in the small resort town of Garden Cove, where I make a cozy living selling handmade bath and beauty products. All in all, my life’s is pretty good.

Except for one little glitch…

Since my recent hysterectomy, where I died on the operating table, I’ve been experiencing what some might call paranormal activity. No, I don’t see dead people, but quite suddenly I’m triggered by scents that, in their wake, leave behind these vividly intense memories. Sometimes they’re unfocused and hazy, but there’s no doubt, they are very, very real.

Know what else? They’re not my memories. It seems I’ve lost a uterus and gained a psychic gift.

When my best friend Gilly’s abusive boyfriend ends up dead after a fire, and she becomes the prime suspect, I end up a babysitter to her two teenagers while she’s locked up in the clink. Add to that my super sniffer’s newly acquired abilities and a rash of memories connected to the real criminal, and I find myself in a race to catch a killer before my best friend is tried for murder.

For Whom The Smell Tolls (Book 2)After solving a murder with the help of my new scent-induced psychic ability, I’m thrilled to report that everything is finally getting back to normal. Better than normal, actually. My BFFs works with me at my Scents & Scentsability shop, I’m dating a young, hot detective, and the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend promises to bring in lots of happy-to-spend-money tourists to Garden Cove.

There’s not a thing in this world that could spoil my great mood…

Nothing except a suspicious death. When police officer Reese McKay asks me to use my aroma-mojo to look into the “accidental drowning” of her black-sheep cousin, I can’t turn her away. Especially now she’s become a friend. There are only two problems–allergies have clogged my sinuses and have affected my ability to smell, and my ex, the chief of police, is less than thrilled that I’m sticking my nose into another investigation.

With help from my besties Gilly and Pippa, along with an unofficial assist from Detective Hot Stuff, I’m determined to crack the case of the drowned girl and sniff out the killer before he or she can strike again.

War of the Noses (Book 3)

For my birthday, my best friend Gilly signed us up for a weekend at the Central Midwest Spa Convention. Yay. Massages, fine dining, maid service, and best of all, as long as we attend a few workshops, the weekend is a tax write-off. It should be all sunshine and roses, right? Wrong.

It turns out that the Queen Maleficent of Makeup and my former nemesis , Carmen Carraway, is a featured presenter, and she seems determined to ruin my birthday weekend. But when a certain hot detective shows up to surprise me, I push aside my ill will and try to focus on my newfound happiness.

Unfortunately, a disturbing smell-o-vision of a gun and a threat has me trying to save Carmen rather than throttle her. When Gilly finds the murdered body of Carmen’s assistant in a meditation pod, it’s all noses on deck for this mystery. And I’ll need all my senses to find out who wants to kill Carmen before she ends up dead. That is, if I don’t kill her first.

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