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Kindle Nation Bargain Book Alert: From S.J. Wright, a Paranormal Romance Series with a New Twist!

When Sarah Wood’s father passes away, she finds that the world she thought she knew is awash with secrets. Secrets about her mother, secrets about the inn her family runs and secrets about a race of creatures she never believed existed.
What she discovers will ultimately alter her life.
Nothing will ever be the same.
  • “Exciting! Unique! Eye-opening! You’ll find a different vampire twist in this book, one that I haven’t run across before.”
  • “Do not hesitate, beg, borrow, or steal (No, not really) this book!”
  • “The writing is dark, delicious, and fast-paced.”
by S.J. Wright
4.1 stars on 60 Reviews
Lending and Text-to-Speech: Enabled
  • “Danger, excitement, intrigue and a splash of romantic “interludes”…what more can a girl ask.”
  • “The humor that S.J. Wright inserts in had me in stitches. A must read most definitely! Two thumbs up!”
  • “WOW! Love It.”
by S.J. Wright
24 out of 35 Rave Reviews
Lending and Text-to-Speech: Enabled
His muscular body turned my way, and he crossed the room in a few decisive steps. I noticed with a startling sense of awe that his eye color had changed. Instead of the crystal-blue hue that I had seen time after time, even in my dreams, his eyes were brilliantly silver and the dark brows arching defiantly over them were creased with tension. He grasped one of my hands, pulled it towards him, and turned it over.
“Michael…” I breathed his name like a prayer.
I watched, disbelievingly, as he pressed a fiery kiss into the palm of my hand. I had never before felt the alarming sensation of Michael’s lips on my flesh. It was a moment I would not soon forget. Every other sensation in my body ground to a sudden halt when I felt the warmth of his lips. It seemed as if every other part of my body had gone numb with the shock of it. But the palm of my hand was burning. It was a rolling heat that made me gasp.
When I raised my head to look at him, all I saw was a blur of motion. He had moved so fast that I had barely realized he was leaving. I heard the backdoor open and the screen door squeak as he passed through to the back yard. Then a terribly cold silence fell over the room.
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