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#1 New Release in Family Activities! Gardening for Kids: An Easy Step-by-Step Parents Guide to Growing Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers with Your Children by Isabella Woods

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Gardening for Kids: An Easy Step-by-Step Parents Guide to Growing Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers with Your Children

by Isabella Woods
4.7 stars – 19 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

Do you want to feel proud of being in a beautiful garden created by your children and you? Then keep reading…

You want your kids to start gardening, but you don’t know anything about gardening…

You might also have some excuses to get over. Before you get to the point of deciding to take action and wanting to have that beautiful garden made by you and your kids.

Excuses like:
I don’t know anything about gardening.
I can’t do this.
I don’t have enough time to start gardening.

Just realize it doesn’t matter how many excuses you make, because those excuses aren’t going to help you change anything.

Those excuses aren’t going to make my garden a safer place for my children to play in.
Those excuses aren’t going to plant beautiful flowers.
Those excuses aren’t going to plant healthy and tasty fruits and vegetables for us.
Those excuses aren’t going to give my children the chance to explore the beauty of nature.
Those excuses aren’t going to give my kids the health they deserve.

In Gardening For Kids, you’ll discover how easy it is to take away all those excuses and turn your garden into a place you and your family can enjoy. You’ll finally get to know how to take the RIGHT action instead of being left clueless and miserable like I once was.

“Why is it called Gardening for Kids if I’m the one that’s being spoken to?” Well, Kids usually need a little push when starting something new, like gardening. And that’s why after years of helping hundreds of families create their perfect garden and making gardening my full-time Job. I’ve created a parent’s guide so you can also start gardening with your children.

In this guide, you will discover:

  • The overlooked gardening essential that 90% of beginner gardeners fail to see and fall back because of it. Hint: the word starts with the letter L.
  • Questions you can ask your kids that will spike a REAL interest in gardening and allow them to discover the forgotten mysteries of nature.
  • How to plant, maintain and harvest fruits, vegetables and flowers.
  • Easy steps kids can take to start gardening today.
  • Strange fun facts for kids that will spike their enthusiasm.
  • Tricks and tips that jumpstart your gardening journey.
  • A way to join our friendly and helpful gardening community.
  • A free bonus copy of “13 of the worst and most expensive gardening mistakes beginners make & hacks to help you side-step them easily!”

“YES, YES, YOU CAN DO IT” This is my response to any person feeling doubtful about being able to start gardening. It’s completely fine and normal to feel uncertain about something new, but don’t let your emotions trick you into believing that you can’t do it.

Gardening for Kids is your guide that will show you what to do step-by-step. So, you and your kids have nothing to worry about!

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