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One of Wilkie Collins’s finest mystery novels… The Dead Secret: A Novel by Wilkie Collins, author of The Moonstone

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The Dead Secret: A Novel

by Wilkie Collins
4.1 stars – 390 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
Wilkie Collins’ fourth published novel, The Dead Secret, is the story of Rosamond Treverton and the revelation of a secret that changes her life forever. Rosamond, the daughter of a wealthy actress is married to a blind man Leonard Frankland. During childbirth, her acting nurse Sarah gives Rosamund a cryptic warning to avoid the room in which the Secret is hidden.

What is hidden in the room? What does she find out?

A haunting past is coming for her that could prove disastrous for her and the entire estate.

Wilkie Collins’s brilliant characters, suspenseful plots, and piercing look into Victorian-era society are on full display in this brilliant novel.

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