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Discover a proven method to take back control of your finances… Fast Track to Prosperity: Your Guide to Financial Independence by Jay Falcone

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Fast Track to Prosperity: Your Guide to Financial Independence

by Jay Falcone
5.0 stars – 9 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

Have ever made a poor financial mistake? Or a money decision you wish you could do over? Discover a proven method to take back control of your finances and fast track your prosperity.

Do you feel you were not taught enough about personal finances going through the education system? Do you rely on financial advice from friends, individuals, the news or social media and not getting the results you hoped for? Are you tired of making poor financial decisions and ashamed or embarrassed about some of your poor financial decisions? Worse yet, is this holding you back from moving on in your financial journey? With over 35 years of experience in the Benefits, Pension and financial education industries, I have taught hundreds of students about personal finances. And now, I’d like to share this proven system and guide you to your financial independence.

Fast Track to Prosperity, was designed for everyday people, regardless of income level or financial background. In essence, I wanted anyone to be able to pick up this book and benefit from its teachings. It’s not full of complicated concepts, formulas or earth-shattering discoveries. In fact, you may have even heard of some of them before. And you will certainly not be shamed for past poor financial decisions. On the contrary, I will share my own life experiences and those of many past students to show how you can use a simple, but effective three-step process to prosper financially.

In Fast Track to Prosperity, you will:

  • PAUSE: Learn how to develop a wealth mind-set by discovering your core values about money, how they affect every financial decision and how to establish proper financial goals
  • PLAN: Learn to control your finances without complicated and restrictive budgets and the tracking of every expense, so that you can ENJOY your money. What a concept!
  • PROSPER: Learn how to handle debt and credit with care. I will teach you how to choose long-term investments that set you up for retirement and a bright financial future. Finally, you will discover some of the best ideas for “stretching” out your hard-earned dollars.

I strongly believe that this basic PAUSE, PLAN, and PROSPER model will help you on your financial journey. Whether you’re just starting off, starting over, or a seasoned pro picking up a few tips, I trust you will find it of benefit to you. Now is the time to Fast Track to Prosperity!

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