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Just 99 cents on Kindle gets you started on the addictive USA Today bestselling Pearl Island Trilogy with Our eBook Of The Day, Julie Ortolon’s Falling For You – And here’s a free sample!

Here’s the set-up for Julie Ortolon’s USA Today bestseller Falling For You, just 99 Cents on Kindle:
What happens when Mr. Slow and Steady…

The forecast is smooth sailing for Oliver Chancellor, scion of Galveston’s premier financier. Destined to take his place in the hallowed marble corridors of his family’s bank, Chance is content with the future that’s been mapped out for him, right down to his upcoming engagement to a prim debutante enthusiastically approved by his socialite mother.

Finds himself on a collision course…

But when beautiful Rory St. Claire crosses his path, Chance recklessly plunges into uncharted territory with nothing but his heart to guide him-and a beautiful woman to tempt him…

With Ms. Full-Speed-Ahead?

Propelled by a lifelong goal to buy the island home reportedly haunted by her colorful ancestors, Rory desperately needs Chance’s help in securing a business loan, and she won’t take no for an answer. In the midst of convincing the hesitant blue blood to take a chance on her dream, Rory unexpectedly lands in Chance’s arms, stunned by his red-blooded passion-and her own awakened desire. Now, the mismatched pair can’t keep their hands off one another, and something tells Rory she’s headed for trouble-trouble in the name of love

From the reviewers:

With its well-balanced blend of comic exaggeration and genuine heart, Ortolon’s story is a light but thoroughly satisfying romantic confection.  –Publishers Weekly

An author on the rise…endearing, emotional, and romantic!”–Romantic Times

I love books that are set in an area new to me and that evoke local color so dramatically that I feel that I am there or that I want to be there [in my case, now I want to go visit Galveston, Texas!].

This is a story with plenty of color, and one which takes a standard plotline – rich stuffy banker meets wild child – and sets it on its ear.

In “Falling for You,” Julie Ortolon has written a smart, amusing and engrossing novel.
It’s the first of what will become a trilogy about three siblings, two women and a man, and their romantic and professional adventures on Pearl Island, an imaginary spot near Galveston in Texas.

FALLING FOR YOU is a delightful contemporary romantic comedy that demonstrates Julie Ortolon’s talent to perfection. Highly recommended!

Julie Ortolon knows how to write a terrific, heart-warming story. We have a less-than-perfect “nerd” who falls for a less-than-perfect-full-steam-ahead beauty and the combination is….well…..PERFECT! 

I’m late bloomer when it comes to reading — and writing. I didn’t discover either joy until I discovered romance novels in my early twenties. Now, I’m totally addicted. My biggest joy is bringing all my interests together in my books, to have the chance to celebrate the things that excite me through my characters. So when people ask me, “Do you put yourself or real life experiences in your books?” the answer is “You betcha!” I just edit out the boring parts, and emphasize the fun parts. And take a LOT of literary license!

Since I love to travel, all my books are set in places I’ve actually been. Sometimes those real places morph into fictional places — like Pearl Island — but I try to capture the magic of the setting and people in all my books, to make writing them like a trip to a wonderful world where good always triumphs and love always ends in Happily Ever After — against all odds. That’s what makes life worth living, and books worth reading: when someone grabs the brass ring.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample: