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A time travel mystery adventure with modern twists: The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis

9-in-1 BOXED SET ALERT! These sexy vamps are dressed up and ready to thrill. Can you handle the ride? Eternal Bite: A Limited Edition Collection of Vampire Stories

Titus uncovers a plot to attack the nation’s capital with chemical weapons… Don’t miss Three Weeks in Washington: A Titus Ray Thriller by Luana Ehrlich

Lucie is thrown into a criminal conspiracy straight out of a gangster movie. If she isn’t careful, she could end up… sleeping with the fishes! Dog Collar Crime by Adrienne Giordano

Have you ever wished for a “How To” book on life? Wisdom Speaks: Life Lessons From Proverbs by Tim Riordan

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An extinction-level asteroid is hurtling toward Earth, and the descendants of ancient Atlantis have returned from the stars in their silver ships to offer humanity help. But there’s a catch… Qualify (The Atlantis Grail Book 1) by Vera Nazarian

Free Excerpt! “An effervescent middle-grade fantasy story about accepting oneself and others.” Kirkus Reviews… Fairalon by T.J. Roberts

The classic, humorous portrayal of the ups and downs of sisterhood… Beezus And Ramona by Newbery Award-winner Beverly Cleary

“Come out, come out, wherever you are…” Her Last Call (Arrington Mystery Book 2) by Elle Gray

Jeremy Wyatt is the biggest playboy you’ll ever meet…. Say You Love Me: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (Southport Love Stories Book 2) by Sarah J. Brooks

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The story behind Menabilly, the English country home that inspired the famous house in Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca

From the Tatler: The romantic story of Menabilly – the real life inspiration for Manderley in Daphne du Maurier‘s ‘Rebecca‘…  Support our news coverage by subscribing to our Kindle Nation Daily Digest. Joining is free right now!

‘Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again’. It’s one of the most famous opening lines in the English literary canon, evoking the mystery, magic and allure of the sprawling country house that has such a prominent presence in Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. Indeed, the way it is brought to life in the second Mrs de Winter’s imagination, it is almost like another character itself, haunting her alongside her predecessor, Rebecca.

It is unsurprising then that there was a real life inspiration for Manderley – one that Du Maurier knew intimately – her own Cornwall home, Menabilly. She came to live in it in a characteristically romantic way. During a visit to Fowey in 1926, she came across the house while out walking in the woods, finding it set amongst thick trees, and with a long, sprawling driveway, akin to that of Manderley.

She soon became consumed with an obsession about its forgotten state and a desire to live there and do it up. It was this that inspired the haunting spectre of Manderley in her novel, as it casts its long shadow over the second Mrs de Winter, much as it did Du Maurier herself.

It was indeed only after the publication of Rebecca, and the resulting Alfred Hitchcock film, that she got her wish. While researching the house, she discovered that it had been built by the Rashleigh family, who still owned it to that day. In 1943 she managed to convince them to let her rent it from them, moving in with her husband and two children, and staying for 26 years until the lease was up. She might have stayed longer, had there not been a new Rashleigh heir keen to move in.

Read full post on Tatler.com

Sometimes death is not a one-way journey. Sometimes the dead return… What The Night Knows: A Novel by Dean Koontz

What the Night Knows (with bonus novella Darkness Under the Sun): A Novel

by Dean Koontz
4.3 stars – 832 reviews
Everyday Price: $9.99
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

In the late summer of a long-ago year, Alton Turner Blackwood brutally murdered four families. His savage spree ended only when he himself was killed by the last survivor of the last family, a fourteen-year-old boy.

Half a continent away and two decades later, someone is murdering families again, re-creating in detail Blackwood’s crimes. Homicide detective John Calvino is certain that his own family—his wife and three children—will be targets, just as his parents and sisters were victims on that distant night when he was fourteen and killed their slayer.

As a detective, John is a man of reason who deals in cold facts. But an extraordinary experience convinces him that sometimes death is not a one-way journey, that sometimes the dead return.

Includes the bonus novella Darkness Under the Sun and an excerpt from Dean Koontz’s The City!

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And to say thank you here is a bonus entry word: beans

You can help keep the party going by checking out…

The Bean Trees: A Novel

by Barbara Kingsolver
4.4 stars – 1,778 reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The Bean Trees is bestselling author Barbara Kingsolver’s first novel, now widely regarded as a modern classic. It is the charming, engrossing tale of rural Kentucky native Taylor Greer, who only wants to get away from her roots and avoid getting pregnant. She succeeds, but inherits a 3-year-old native-American little girl named Turtle along the way, and together, from Oklahoma to Tucson, Arizona, half-Cherokee Taylor and her charge search for a new life in the West.

Written with humor and pathos, this highly praised novel focuses on love and friendship, abandonment and belonging as Taylor, out of money and seemingly out of options, settles in dusty Tucson and begins working at Jesus Is Lord Used Tires while trying to make a life for herself and Turtle.

The author of such bestsellers as The Lacuna, The Poisonwood Bible, and Flight Behavior, Barbara Kingsolver has been hailed for her striking imagery and clear dialogue, and this is the novel that kicked off her remarkable literary career.

This edition includes a P.S. section with additional insights from the author, background material, suggestions for further reading, and more.

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Today’s Sponsor:

HOT SEAL Lover (HOT SEAL Team – Book 2)

by Lynn Raye Harris
4.8 stars – 190 reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
One night is all Christina wants from Navy SEAL Remy “Cage” Marchand.
But one night isn’t enough for this dirty-mouthed bad boy.Christina Girard did everything right, but she can’t escape the taint of scandal caused by the implosion of her marriage. When she meets Remy, she feels broken beyond repair. Until he shows her she’s still capable of pleasure.Remy lives his life slaying dragons for the innocent and vulnerable. He thought sweet Christina needed his strength too, but he was wrong. After a single night of bliss, she ghosts him.

But then Remy’s SEALS get a new mission: infiltrate a war-torn nation and rescue Christina before the enemy finds her. With bombs exploding, blood spilling, and survival uncertain, Remy does his duty and protects Christina. But he won’t succumb to her charms again.

Life in a war zone is intense, however, and vows mean nothing in the face of danger. Giving in is inevitable. Staying alive is not—especially when the greatest danger has yet to strike…

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* * *

Fated: A funny short story (The Meantime Stories Book 4)

by Svingen and Pedersen
4.2 stars – 9 reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“The ending shook me to the core, but I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed the tremendous writing talent behind this literary duo.” -Readers’ Favorite (5/5 STAR REVIEW)

In this hilarious and shocking love story, Bjorn Gustafson – meek, Minnesotan grain farmer – is confronted with the pains of his neglected love life. He knows now, that time has come to call up his one true love: Astrid. Shame then, how this long overdue epiphany hits him just as half a ton of moose is about to penetrate the windshield of his old Sedan.

Despite these unfortunate circumstances, Bjorn is determined to battle fate and declare his love. But is there time?

THE MEANTIME STORIES is a funny short read series that draws inspiration from Terry Pratchett, Monty Python, and Douglas Adams, drenched in Nordic Noir (human folly, plentiful abrupt deaths, snappy dialogue, quirky deep thoughts, and absurd outcomes). It’s glittering darkness, and clouded light.

Each story is a stand-alone, ready to be enjoyed when you yearn for 30 minutes of wacky, brainy, and laugh-out-loud entertainment. Longing for surprises, unexpected twists, and silliness with an edge? Look no further, because in the Meantime, anything can happen!

* * *

Knee Deep: Cam Derringer Series Book 1

by Mac Fortner
4.4 stars – 114 reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Since his wife disappeared, Cam’s been searching for the truth. But he may be about to uncover more than he bargained for…
Five years ago, she went boating with friends. Five years ago, Cam unwittingly said ‘goodbye’ to her for the last time.

Later, the boat turned up in a marina in the Bahamas, numbers changed and railings gouged. His wife’s body was never found. Clues pointed to the ringleader of a notorious gang of pirates, and Cam has been pursuing them ever since.

But when his investigations uncover a disturbing connection to an international criminal organization, Cam discovers his wife’s killers have plans to do far more than make people disappear.

How far is Cam willing to go to expose them? And who can he trust, if anyone, to help him bring them to justice?

A thrilling and unpredictable crime fiction novel that will have you hanging on for dear life through every twist and turn.

* * *

The Captain’s Strategy: Your Direct Route to Strategic Know-How

by Dr. Amos Raviv
4.8 stars – 22 reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The Captain’s Strategy defines a new way of thinking that provides a unique template to be implemented on any strategic model to create a powerful strategizing mix in the business worldImagine that your business is a ship, and you are its captain, leading it to market shores. You cannot control the vast seas, the winds or the currents, the low or high tides, nightfall or daybreak, nor can you affect the weather conditions in any way.

However, you can set guidelines for your ship and crew, giving them instructions as to how to plan ahead, how to behave in certain conditions, which measures to undertake, what factors to consider, take down and analyze, and what actions to perform upon which conclusions are reached – while at sea, in real time.

Whether you are a manager, a CEO, a consultant, an analyst or still a student, this book is intended to help you dive into the complex world of strategy and strategy models in a straightforward and original yet not oversimplified way.

In this book you will learn strategy in the captains’ way:

  • The unique Captain strategy template that can be implemented on any strategic model.
  • New points of view and perspectives into your strategic thinking and management.
  • “Instant descriptions” of all major strategic models used today in abridged user-friendly formats.
  • Every model is demonstrated with a diagram, followed by a detailed explanation, and examples from the business world.

* * *

Starship Waking: Archangel Project. Book 4

by C. Gockel
4.5 stars – 243 reviews
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

On an icy, barren world, a starship dreams of doom…

Throughout the galaxy, the reclusive alien race known as The One are incapacitated by terror.

On the planet Luddeccea, wolf-human hybrid Volka harbors a terrible secret…a secret that must explain her nightmares.

Trapped on a luxurious asteroid, pleasure ‘bot 6T9 struggles to find purpose—until he receives a message from an Unidentified Caller.

The worlds of The One, Volka, and 6T9 are about to collide.

The galaxy will be shaken to its core.

The starship is waking.

* * *

A time travel mystery adventure with modern twists: The Secret Lake by Karen Inglis

Family eBook of The Day

The Secret Lake

by Karen Inglis
4.6 stars – 3,923 reviews
Currently FREE for Amazon Prime Members
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

A lost dog, a hidden time tunnel and a secret lake. A page-turning time travel adventure for children aged 8-11. Now enjoyed by thousands of young readers!

When Stella and her younger brother, Tom, move to their new London home, they become mystified by the disappearances of Harry, their elderly neighbour’s small dog. Where does he go? And why does he keep reappearing wet-through?

Their quest to solve the riddle over the summer holidays leads to a boat buried under a grassy mound, and a tunnel that takes them to a secret lake.

Who is the boy rowing towards them who looks so terrified? And whose are those children’s voices carried on the wind from beyond the woods?

Stella and Tom soon discover that they have travelled back in time to their home and its gardens almost 100 years earlier. Here they make both friends and enemies, and uncover startling connections between the past and present.

A modern children’s classic

The Secret Lake has been described by readers as a modern Tom’s Midnight Garden and compared in atmosphere with The Secret Garden and the Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew mystery adventure stories. Its page-turning plot, with its many twists and turns, makes it a firm favourite with both boys and girls.

Karen Inglis describes it as, a time travel mystery adventure with modern twists – the kind of story that I loved to read as a child, but brought right up to date.

Today’s Kindle Deal is sponsored by this week’s YA eBook of The Week:


by T.J. Roberts
4.9 stars – 7 reviews
Everyday Price: $2.99
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

When Iris’s Grandmother passed, she left behind her house and all her possessions, including 5 wooden fairy dolls. It was all very strange. Why her? She was only 11 years old. A house? Dolls? She didn’t play with dolls anymore. The one condition for her to keep her new house was that she was required to live in it. This is the same house where all the weird things happened, and it was out in the woods, in a new town.

Being the “new kid,” in a new town is weird enough, especially moving into a house with so many mysteries. And it doesn’t take long before things start to happen, unexplainable things, strange things. Before they even get there, on the way to the house, on the dirt road leading to it, she sees a little boy on a swing disappear in mid-swing, in a burst of light.

Of course she tells her Dad, they stop the car and look for him, but he’s gone. He didn’t see it. He doesn’t believe her. She has no friends here and her Dad thinks she has “issues,” since the death of her mother.

What can she do? Who can she tell? Who would believe her? She wonders if she should try to find him? What if you see things all the time that nobody else sees? Are you crazy?

11 year old Iris uncovers her own strange past and learns that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Come with her and find yourself in the magical world of Fairalon, but be wary of the strange creatures you meet there.

Fairalon explores themes of trust, loneliness, friendship, and self-reliance with a sprinkle of budding romance in this coming of age action filled story.

9-in-1 BOXED SET ALERT! These sexy vamps are dressed up and ready to thrill. Can you handle the ride? Eternal Bite: A Limited Edition Collection of Vampire Stories

❤️ Kindle Nation Daily Romance of the Day ❤️

Eternal Bite: A Limited Edition Collection of Vampire Stories

by Brittni Chenelle, Avery Song, Stasia Black, A.S. Green, CC Solomon, Stella Williams, Charlee Garden, Kat Stiles, Melody Raven
Here’s the set-up:

These sexy vamps are dressed up and ready to thrill. Can you handle the ride?

Box set: Nine never-before-released seductive stories of your favorite immortals getting down to business on the graveyard shift.

They’re hungry, and only one thing will satisfy them. But getting access to the sweet blood of mortals can be… complicated. With Academy royals, vein-feeding bodyguards, soul-stealing shifters, and fated mates all desperate to slake their thirst, no gravestone is left unturned in this spine-tingling collection.

Containing nine complete tales and covering the entire electrifying gamut from reverse harems to cruel fae, this anthology might be more than you can take in one bedroom session.

Can you make it through the night without spilling a precious drop?

Eternal Bite is an arousing box set of nine full-length novels from the very best in paranormal romance. If you like sensual supernatural seducers, steamy affairs, and hot characters just waiting for nightfall, then you’ll love sinking your teeth into this deliciously spicy treat.

Titus uncovers a plot to attack the nation’s capital with chemical weapons… Don’t miss Three Weeks in Washington: A Titus Ray Thriller by Luana Ehrlich

Today’s Thriller of The Day:

Three Weeks in Washington: A Titus Ray Thriller

by Luana Ehrlich
4.8 stars – 199 reviews
Everyday Price: $4.99
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Titus uncovers a plot to attack the nation’s capital with chemical weapons.
Can he convince a Syrian asset to help him stop the deadly attack?
Encountering a shooter . . .
CIA officer Titus Ray arrives in Washington, D.C. on the day a terrorist enters the Washington Navy Yard and murders five people. Convinced the incident is connected to a Hezbollah plot to use chemical weapons on an American city, Titus jeopardizes his own career to interrogate the killer and learn the truth.

Exposing a General. . .

After the shooter reveals the identity of an Iranian deep-cover operative living in Washington, D.C., Titus embarks on an intelligence operation spanning two continents and exposing an Iranian general obsessed with destroying America.

Engaging an enemy . . .

As time runs out, Titus engages the enemy in a treacherous game of cat and mouse to save the lives of thousands and defeat the terrorists.· Will his faith sustain him as he faces his greatest challenge yet??· Is he willing to lose Nikki to save his country?

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Titus Ray Christian Thrillers:

“I recommend these books for all who enjoy good clean fiction, especially those involving current events in the world. I like the development of the characters and their relationship. I gave it five stars for the great storyline and the characters that seem so real.” -Amazon review
“The characters are very well-developed and believable. I enjoyed the way the author described Titus Ray’s internal struggles and character flaws creating a very authentic main character. The story was action-packed and one is left wondering how the author could be so knowledgeable of the CIA and the work of their covert operatives.” -Amazon review

Purchase this heart-stopping Christian thriller TODAY!