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Red Storm: Complete Series

by James Rosone, Miranda Watson
5.0 stars – 10 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
Deep in Siberia, a plan was hatched…

…to restore Communism to its rightful place.

Will Eastern Europe fold as they expect?

A sleeping giant is awake, but it’s not the one the world expects. The first spark hits a powder keg on the Black Sea, but this is only the beginning. Soon, dominos fall across Asia, and China will factor into a different type of war.

When bullets turn to bytes…

…will the allies be ready?

The US President has a decision to make, there’s just one problem, his advisers are deeply divided on the next move. He must bring together a coalition to stand against the coming storm. As Communism rebrands, can the autocratic regimes threatening peace be stopped?

Is a new Unipolar World inevitable?

You’ll love this epic six-book series, written years before the events in Europe and Asia as the Master of Military Thrillers weaves us through a story more faction than fiction.

Get it now.

This Boxset includes the books, Battlefield Ukraine, Korea, Taiwan, Pacific, Russia, and China in one running format the way it was intended to be read.

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Trading Knives: Prequel Short Story #1 to The Bow of Hart Saga

by P. H. Solomon
4.2 stars – 30 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

Before the Bow of Hart, the dragon existed, waiting to rise, reaching for supremacy, grasping for servants, striking at his enemies. This epic sword and sorcery fantasy prequel reveals how a wizard gains his powers for vengeance, then threatens those opposing his chosen master.

Trading a knife costs a life. The offer of help may cost more.

In Corgren’s cutthroat world, the sharp edge of a blade is the only currency that matters. His name the heaviest best as one of the deadliest fighters in the prize rings. But with each victory, his enemies multiply, and the weight of dominance of Hart threatens to crush him, a despised Rokan. A stranger appears, promising Corgren the one thing he craves above all else: power.

As Corgren ascends higher in the ranks of the fighting pits, the offer of dark, cultic magic entangles with his ambitions. With each step, he fights closer to his goal – vengeance against those who have wronged him – but also closer to the abyss of their wrath. The stranger who promised him power demands a steep price, and Corgren finds himself torn between the hunger for revenge and the fear of losing himself to the promises of magical power.

Trading Knives is a pulse-pounding, high-stakes fantasy adventure that will leave you breathless. With each fight, and each desperate gamble, Corgren must fight to keep his footing in a world where the only rule is survival by a knife’s keen edge. But as he journeys deeper into the heart of darkest desires, he discovers that the true price of power is more than he ever imagined.

If you love action-packed sword and sorcery fantasy with a dark edge, Trading Knives is the book for you. Cheer your favorite in the fighting pits and join Corgren on his perilous path between his choices – but be warned, once you start, you won’t be able to put this book down!

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The boss will see you now… The New Boss: A Limited Edition Romance Collection by Ashley Zakrzewski, Amy Stephens, Cata Ree, Marissa Davis, and more!

The New Boss: A Limited Edition Romance Collection (Zakrzewski Anthologies)

by Ashley Zakrzewski, Amy Stephens, Cata Ree, Marissa Davis, and more!
Pre-order now!
Everyday Price: $3.99
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Here’s the set-up:

The boss will see you now…

In this collection you can expect delectable sexual tension, all the witty banter, and steamy hookup goodness.
These men are smart, audacious and sexy as sin with a body to match. They are in control and know how to take charge. WIth late night deadlines and trips out of town, working together means facing temptation every day.
Business with pleasure… Who says you can’t have both?

Contributing authors are:
Ashley Zakrzewski
Amy Stephens
Cata Ree
Marissa Davis
Katie Rae
Raja Savage
Maria Vickers
Anne Lange
Leanora Cowan
Matilda Martel
Lane Martin
Paula Dombrowiak
Renee Pellegrino
Karla Doyle
Dania Voss
Brittany Tarkington
Kate McWilliams
Bree Weeks
Ashlee Shades
Keighley Bradford
Sutton Bishop
Michelle McCraw
Darby Fox
Melissa Williams
Finley Brown
DL Gallie
Elle Berlin
Lexy Timms
Willow Sanders
Cricket Rohman

FREE edgy, fast-paced, and often chilling thriller! Run For Your Life by C. M. Sutter

Thriller of The Day

Run For Your Life: A Heart Stopping Thriller (Mitch Cannon Savannah Heat Thriller Series Book 1)

by C. M. Sutter
4.3 stars – 8,177 reviews
Everyday Price: $4.99
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Here’s the set-up:

Fans of James Patterson or Michael Connelly will love C. M. Sutter!
Download this first book in the unputdownable Mitch Cannon Savannah Heat Thriller Series.

With the weekend right around the corner, Homicide Detective Mitch Cannon is looking forward to Saturday night. It isn’t often he has a date, and this one will be particularly interesting. His new friend Liza is beautiful, edgy, outspoken, and somewhat odd.

But Mitch’s usual Friday-morning phone call to his mom sets the wheels in motion for five days of pure hell. Mitch’s sister, Marie, has gone missing without a trace. His date is canceled, and Mitch’s partner, Devon, and Liza also go missing the following night. The only clue is a call Mitch gets from someone whose number is blocked, the anonymous speaker saying, “Ticktock, ticktock.”

Mitch and the entire Habersham precinct set out on a white-knuckle search to find his sister, partner, and new friend before time runs out and all three are gone forever.

Editorial Review
“Savannah Homicide Detective Mitch Cannon has a new lady friend, Liza, who walks on the wild side, but his concerns over her take a back seat when his sister Marie goes missing. The next day, his partner and Liza go missing as well, and all three disappearances are somehow linked to one of his past cases, but the police keep coming up empty when they try to find out how. The first installment in this new series is edgy, fast-paced, and often chilling. Sutter’s fans will eat it up.” Angela M., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing

Kazumi Hime was born to slay demons, until the fateful day she became one… Kazumi: Demon Spirit by Jeff Pantanella

Kindle Nation Daily eBook of The Day

Kazumi: Demon Spirit (An Ever Hero Saga Story) (Night Blades Series Book 1)

by Jeff Pantanella
3.5 stars – 2 reviews
Everyday Price: $2.99
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FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Here’s the set-up:

Kazumi Hime was born to slay demons, until the fateful day she became one.

Kazumi is young, impatient, and curses like a foul-mouthed sailor. But put a katana in her hands and she has no equal.
Denied by her mother, the High Priestess of the Yoru Ya-iba Clan to complete her training and progress to the distinguished rank of the Night Blade, Kazumi sets off on her own to prove she’s ready.

But chance and fate have other plans for young Kazumi when she is attacked by a monstrous chaos beast in the forest and left for dead, or so she thinks. Soon after, Kazumi realizes the horrible truth: she has become the one thing she has spent her life training to kill.

Outcast from her home, wandering the countryside, Kazumi meets a stranger named Sunny, who joins the young ninja warrior in her quest to find an antidote. Sunny promises Kazumi answers to her unique condition but carries a dark secret of her own. Whether Sunny is friend or foe, only time will decide.

“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Demon!” An anime and manga inspired action romp set within the world of the Ever Hero Saga. Buy KAZUMI Demon Spirit now and read the story of a teenage ninja warrior with a dark secret. Book One in the Night Blades Series, an Ever Hero Saga Story.

3-in-1 BOXED SET ALERT! A dark mafia paranormal shifter romance series! Kings of the Order Collection by K.J. Devoir

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Kings of the Order Collection: A Dark Mafia Paranormal Shifter Romance Series

by K.J. Devoir
4.7 stars – 6 reviews
Supports Us with Commissions Earned
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Here’s the set-up:
Not in her Deepest, Darkest dreams does she see him coming…
She wanted something real. Sometimes it comes in a
 very dangerous package.
He’s an 
anti-hero at best, a villain at worst.
The King of the Order is a 
beautiful nightmare and he’s got his mean, wolf-eyed gaze fixed on the daughter of his enemy target, as she becomes entangled with the mob just out of college.
Tropes : captive – heiress – age gap – arranged marriage – wolf shifters – mafia

Penguin Random House, responding to criticism, will publish “classic” versions of Roald Dahl’s children’s novels, alongside altered versions

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From AP News: Penguin to publish ‘classic’ Roald Dahl books after backlash.

Publisher Penguin Random House announced Friday it will publish “classic” unexpurgated versions of Roald Dahl’s children’s novels after it received criticism for cuts and rewrites that were intended to make the books suitable for modern readers.

Along with the new editions, the company said 17 of Dahl’s books would be published in their original form later this year as “The Roald Dahl Classic Collection” so “readers will be free to choose which version of Dahl’s stories they prefer.”

The move comes after criticism of scores of changes made to “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and other much-loved classics for recent editions published under the company’s Puffin children’s label, in which passages relating to weight, mental health, gender and race were altered.

Augustus Gloop, Charlie’s gluttonous antagonist in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” — originally published in 1964 — became “enormous” rather than “enormously fat.” In “Witches,” an “old hag” became an “old crow,” and a supernatural female posing as an ordinary woman may be a “top scientist or running a business” instead of a “cashier in a supermarket or typing letters for a businessman.”

Read full post on AP News