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Our Kindle eBook of The Day: Magically Gifted At Birth, She Denies Her Abilities Until Her Best Friend Is Kidnapped. Read A Free Sample of Jessica Billings’ The Girl Born Of Smoke, Without Leaving Your Browser!

Thrust into a war-torn world torn and haunted by guilt over her sister’s death, Aurora swears never to use her magical powers. All that changes when her best friend is kidnapped, but with loved ones on both sides of the war, she is forced to decide who she can trust as she tries to stop the fighting. Jessica Billings’ The Girl Born of Smoke – 4.9 stars from 8 reviewers and just $2.99 on Kindle!

Here’s the set-up:

When Aurora is thrust into a world torn apart by war, she realizes she is the magically gifted child everyone is searching for. Haunted by the guilt of her sister’s accidental death and terrified of being found out, she swears never to use her powers. But all that changes when her best friend is mistaken as the wizard and kidnapped.

In her struggle to rescue him, she finds evidence the opposing armies may be connected, controlled by a single individual with his own agenda. With loved ones on both sides of the war, she is forced to decide who she can trust as she tries to stop the fighting. But, can she even trust her own sanity?

From the reviewers:

Readers and fans of the magical will enjoy this tale as we follow the lead character in her journey to not only find out who she ultimately is but also as she struggles to find a place. Searching for best friend who has been mistaken to be a wizard, she also must discover if there is a place in his life for her at the end.

“The Girl Born of Smoke” appears to be, at first glance, a simple tale of journey and self discovery. However, to under-estimate the story is to over-estimate yourself. Every time I thought I had the tale figured out, author Jessica Billings turned it around and went off some new direction, daring me to guess again. Who is a hero and who is a villain is a continual question not answered at length until the very end.

Written in inviting prose and populated with living, vibrant characters, the author tempts the reader to turn the page and continue on regardless of the hour or the day. Don’t start this book unless you’ve the proper time to lose yourself in its pages. And remember–you might *think” you know what’s going on, but you probably don’t.

I really enjoyed this book. The twists and turns the author took me on were amazing. Just when I thought I had one person or situation figured out, the author threw me for a loop!

Magic users, wizards, vying armies seeking her…all very wonderful components to this story that will have you turning each page in anticipation. Never a dull moment in a well-crafted story. 
Jessica Billings is currently going to school in Michigan, but will always consider herself an Oregonian. She likes photographing bugs and majored in biology and education at Oregon State. 

She is now pursuing a master’s degree in environmental engineering. She learned to scuba dive when she was 14, but refuses to dive into the frigid waters of Michigan.

 And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample: