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Author Nicholas Sparks tries to ban LGBTQ clubs from his prep school, attributes lack of diversity to black students being “too poor and can’t do the academic work.” The Daily Beast uncovers the damning emails

Emails from Sparks—who runs the Epiphany School, a Christian academy in North Carolina—obtained by The Daily Beast paint a damning portrait of the bestselling author. Tarpley Hitt with The Daily Beast reports: In 2006, Nicholas Sparks, the prolific romance writer best known for The Notebook and A Walk to Remember, helped co-found a prep school […]

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“Amelia Bedelia turns passive aggression into a kind of art.” On the quiet subversiveness of Amelia Bedelia.

Many classic children’s books beg for philosophical readings: the likes of “Charlotte’s Web” or “Are You My Mother?” are well known as complex and subterranean ruminations on death and identity and community. Had you asked Sarah Blackwood from The New Yorker, a couple of years ago, she would not have classified Peggy Parish’s Amelia Bedelia […]

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Agatha Christie kept her novels deliberately short. So why are these new adaptations so long?

Agatha Christie knew when to stop writing a detective novel. Today’s flashy adaptations over-embellish the source material. Radha Vatsal from CrimeReads investigates: Changes need to be made in the process of adapting novels to the screen—that’s just part of what has to happen when you switch between mediums. But in our content-hungry age, if a […]

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Why We Forget Most of the Books We Read (Hint: It’s less about words and more about the experience)

  Julie Beck from The Atlantic interviews the editor of The New York Times Book Review on remembering books. Pamela Paul’s memories of reading are less about words and more about the experience. “I almost always remember where I was and I remember the book itself. I remember the physical object,” says Paul, the editor […]

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“The women from Johnson & Johnson had come to the school, and separated us from the boys so that they could tell us secrets about our own bodies.”
On Menstruation In Fiction From All Over The World

Author Farah Ahamed from Ploughshares, looks at menstruation in fiction: “A period is something I deal with, without thinking about it particularly, or rather I think of it with a part of my mind that deals with routine problems. It is the same part of my mind that deals with the problem of routine cleanliness.” […]

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“I couldn’t help but wonder: Can New York City survive without strong public libraries?” Sarah Jessica Parker invokes the ghost of Carrie Bradshaw to protest library budget cuts

Sarah Jessica Parker throws shade at de Blasio’s proposed library cut says Natalie O’Neil from Actress Sarah Jessica Parker and Big Apple bookworms are fighting to save the city’s libraries from massive budget cuts with a creative online campaign. The former “Sex and the City” star is urging folks to post virtual “sticky notes” […]

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Modern Library and Penguin Classics have both launched series aimed at rediscovering forgotten books by marginalized people.

Constance Grady from Vox looks at how to publish classic books that aren’t just by dead white men. As the canon of English literature slowly, gradually opens itself up to books by women and authors of color, Modern Library and Penguin Classics have just launched two new series aimed at rediscovering forgotten books by marginalized […]

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Activist-turned-crime-writer Barbara Neely, and her iconic protagonist, Blanche White, the first black female sleuth to be embraced by mainstream publishing

Long before #BlackGirlMagic became a thing, a black mystery writer named Barbara Neely was showing the crime fiction community how it’s done, says Kellye Garrett from CrimeReads. As many writers will tell you—even if takes them awhile to admit it—you can in fact judge a book by its cover. And the original cover for Neely’s […]

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Thomas Harris did not invent the serial killer novel, but he elevated it… A look at how Harris and his Hannibal Lecter series transformed the culture.

Thomas Harris introduced the world to Hannibal Lecter, and and according to Bill Sheehan from the Washington Post, pop culture would never be the same. From time to time, a work of fiction appears that exerts a powerful influence on the culture of the day, generating admiration and imitation alike. After John le Carre published […]

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Not All Disgraced Politicians Get Book Deals: Ex-Congressman convicted of sexting with a 15-year-old girl, Anthony Weiner, is having a tough time finding a publisher interested in his book proposal

Anthony Weiner is on the prowl for a book deal and Ian Mohr from the New York Post looks at the publishers that have passed. Anthony Weiner is trying to transform himself into the next Longfellow. The serial sexter and former congressman — who is now living in a Bronx halfway house after doing hard […]

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How can you win on Jeopardy!? Try reading more kids’ books.

Jeopardy! star James Holzhauer, whom the Washington Post called “undeniably the most dynamic, unstoppable force in the show’s modern 35-year history,” used a secret weapon—children’s books—to become a game-show millionaire. Karen Springen from Publishers Weekly checked in with the quiz-show phenom about his prepping strategy and his favorite titles: You told the New York Times […]

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Nora Roberts Ain’t Playing: Best-selling novelist Nora Roberts is suing a Brazilian writer for copyright infringement.

Best-selling novelist Nora Roberts is suing a Brazilian writer for copyright infringement, alleging that Cristiane Serruya has committed “multi-plagiarism” on a “rare and scandalous” level. In papers filed Wednesday morning in Rio de Janeiro, where Serruya lives, Roberts called Serruya’s romance books “a literary patchwork, piecing together phrases whose form portrays emotions practically identical to […]

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