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Five different editions of Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame have become bestsellers following Notre Dame fire.

Different editions of author’s 19th-century classic in five of top 10 slots on Amazon France. Jon Henley from The Guardian takes a look at the bestseller list. Victor Hugo’s 19th-century literary classic Notre-Dame de Paris has soared to the top of France’s online bestseller list after the fire that ravaged the 850-year-old Paris cathedral on […]

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“Who if not us?” 5 writers on the role of fiction in addressing climate change.

In 2019, climate change continues to wreak devastating havoc on the planet. Amy Brady from LitHub complied summaries of authors’ reactions to climate change. “Fiddling while Rome burns, whistling from the coal mine, serenading the doomed while the ship sinks—I’d like to think that storytellers and poets have a more urgent role right now than […]

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Lee Child developing a true crime series which aims to dramatize tales of “real-life Jack Reachers”

Jack Reacher author, Lee Child, to develop true-crime series reports Scott Roxborough from The Hollywood Reporter British production outfit Dancing Ledge will produce the series, which aims to dramatize tales of “real-life Jack Reachers.” Best-selling novelist Lee Child, author of the Jack Reacher books, has signed a deal with British production company Dancing Ledge Productions […]

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A reason not to neglect your paper books TBR pile: a Canadian couple found a winning lottery ticket tucked into a book a year after they bought it.

BBC News reports a Canadian couple claimed a winning lottery ticket days before the deadline due to a stroke of luck. Nicole Pedneault and Roger Larocque bought the Loto-Quebec ticket on Valentine’s Day last year and forgot about it. Then Ms Pedneault came across the ticket last weekend as she was going through a book […]

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If you’re like us, you have hundreds of books on your Kindle. Finding the ones you haven’t read yet will be easier with the all new Kindle!

Kindle e-Readers will receive Sort by Read and Unread soon. Michael Kozlowski from GoodeReader has the scoop. Amazon will be pushing out a firmware update sometime in April that will give all Kindle e-Readers the ability to sort by read and unread ebooks in the library. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 4 has already received the […]

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Michelle Obama’s book is set to become the best-selling memoir in history

Michelle Obama’s memoir “Becoming” could become the biggest-selling autobiography ever, its German publisher said, expressing optimism that husband Barack’s forthcoming account of his two terms as president will also be a hit, according to Reuters. The former first lady’s recollections, for which she received a reported advance of more than $60 million from Bertelsmann’s Penguin […]

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Amazon is the drunk online retailer of choice

People are buying ebooks and tech devices from Amazon while drunk and Michael Kozlowski from GoodeReader takes a look at the stats. We have all been slightly or totally inebriated and purchased something online. Sometimes there is a bit of regret once the credit card bill comes in, but sometimes a shiny new Kindle will […]

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Get the Most Out of Your Kindle iOS App

The Kindle app lets you read your ebooks purchased on Amazon, of course, but it has other useful functions you might not know about. Patrick Allan from LifeHacker explores these functions: Study Terms and Key Concepts With Flashcards If you’re like me and are constantly highlighting passages in your Kindle books, and making notes on […]

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