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Kindle Nation Daily Bargain Book Alert: Fingers Murphy’s $200 And A Cadillac is Our eBook of the Day at just 99 Cents, with 5.0 Stars on all 9 Reviews, and Here’s a Free Sample!

Here’s the set-up for Fingers Murphy’s $200 And A Cadillac, just 99 Cents on Kindle:


A bored psychopath rotting away in the Mojave desert . . .\

An obsessive contract killer sent to find him . . .

A small town Sheriff hiding from his personal demons . . .

A retired FBI agent itching to get back in the game . . .

And a couple of burn outs with nothing to lose, hell-bent on revenge . . . All they wanted to do was steal something from the company that laid them off and get the hell out of town. But when a coyote drags a human leg onto a lonely desert highway, worlds collide in ways no one can predict.

Find out what happens when your last worldly possessions are $200 AND A CADILLAC and everyone around you will kill to get what they want.

From the reviewers:

“MOVE OVER JOHN GRISHAM!” — Debbi Mack, NY Times Bestselling Author of Identity Crisis and Least Wanted

“The suspense will keep you turning pages, and the dramatic twists in the story will keep your heart racing as the story unfolds.” — CC Jackson, reviewing Follow the Money

For fans of crime fiction, indie publishing has been a real boon. There are a ton of great authors out there putting stuff out that is better than a lot of what gets traditionally published. Fingers Murphy’s $200 and a Cadillac is at the top of that list.  –  Justine Barbary

I have read FOLLOW THE MONEY, and THE FLAMING MOTEL, and was pleasantly surprised how good they both were. $200 and a CADILLAC is even better. The previous 2 novels are legal thrillers. $200 and a CADILLAC is a different kind of thriller. It’s a roller coaster ride in the desert of Southern California.   –  Cory S. Highfield

I’ve read a lot of “indie” books, some good, most mediocre, and many outright terrible. $200 and a Cadillac was GREAT.   Where has this Fingers Murphy guy been hiding? The plot is fast-paced and unpredictable and the characters are so original and memorable that you can’t believe you’ve never come across them before.  –  Ruth A.

I received this as a gift over the holidays and was astounded at how great it was. It starts out with an opening scene that is as bizarre as it is engaging and never lets up from there. What I assumed was going to be a standard “hit man” story rapidly spun into an unpredictable series of characters and turns that all came together in a way that felt so natural that you could actually believe this story could happen. It was addictive in a way I haven’t felt for a book in a long time. Bottom line, this is just great storytelling.  – O.J.A.

Fingers Murphy named one of the “Top Three Indie Crime Fiction Authors” by Crime Fiction Utopia

Hiding behind a false name and a well placed hand, author Murphy now has four books in the Kindle store.  Click the link just above to see them all.

Murphy is the pen name of a well known international criminal defense attorney.  He spends most of his time on airplanes.

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample of $200 AND A CADILLAC by Fingers Murphy: