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On sale for a limited time! Sarah’s about to learn that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is in the lusty Between Two Billionaires: The Complete Series by Sky Corgan

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Between Two Billionaires: The Complete Series

by Sky Corgan

Between Two Billionaires: The Complete Series
4.4 stars – 11 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Here’s the set-up:

Between Two Billionaires, the complete series, finally together in one boxed set.


Sarah Palmer lives in her own little bubble. Life consists of work at the coffee shop, chatting online with friends, and trying her best to uphold the morals she was taught in Catholic school.

Her step-sister Ethel is the complete opposite.

When Ethel guilts Sarah into sneaking into a party under the guise of being strippers, Sarah’s entire world turns upside down. Everything she thought she knew about herself is changing, and she doesn’t know how to stop it.

What was supposed to be a night of trespassing and fun quickly turns into an unexpected love affair with a handsome stranger. Tristan Locke is perfect. Too perfect. And Sarah’s about to learn that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.


Tristan Locke is perfect. Perfectly damaged. A past marred in loss has made him apprehensive to form a relationship with anyone. Until he meets Sarah Palmer.

Abandoning her religious upbringing, Sarah launches into a strained relationship with Tristan. It’s hard to tell what his intentions are, however, when he runs smoking hot one minute and lukewarm the next.

Luckily for Sarah, she’s able to get insider information about Tristan from his brother Shawn. However, Shawn might not be the good guy whom he’s making himself out to be.


Tristan Locke has secrets that run so deep they’ve warped his entire life. After claiming he killed his fiance, he does his best to push Sarah away. Shawn isn’t about to let that happen though.

Find out what happens when the truth is revealed and Sarah is forced to make the ultimate decision.

5-star Amazon review:

“I really loved this series it was a quick read even with all three books but it was definitely something I would read again and recommend to friends. I really wanted an epilogue at the end to see what happened in the future but maybe the author will write one on her website.”

“Read the first part and had to get the rest of the series. The sun was coming up when I finished it, my eyes were struggling to stay open and my panties were quite damp -It was all worth it! ”

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