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Jim Bernheimer’s Sci-Fi Mystery Prime Suspects: A Clone Detective Mystery is Our eBook of the Day at just $3.99, with 4.8 Stars on 12 Reviews, and Here’s a Free Sample

Here’s the set-up for Jim Bernheimer’s Prime Suspects, just $3.99 on Kindle:

Homicide detective David Bagini awakens on a strange world only to discover he is, in fact, the forty-second clone of the Bagini line. Having no memories of why his Prime entered into a clone contract, he wants answers.

The first problem is his Prime has been murdered and Bagini Forty-Two is now in charge of the investigation.

The second problem is all the clues point at one of his fellow clones and they already know all his tricks.

How can he solve his own murder when all the suspects have his name and face?

From the reviewers:

“If you like science fiction or a good mystery, this is a must read (and book to own for your kindle collection). ”  Steven Hansen  |  6 reviewers made a similar statement

“The premise of this story is incredibly clever. ”  David Edmiston  |  5 reviewers made a similar statement

“Of course, battling clones of himself provides ample opportunity for circular reasoning and much of the introspection Bernheimer’s heroes are famous for. ”  Connie J. Jasperson

The premise of this story is incredibly clever. It’s a murder mystery whodunnit where the victim is a homicide cop and the suspect shares his DNA. In this world where cloning is common, all of the 41 clones of detective David Bagini are suspects. To resolve the conflict of interest, a 42nd clone is created to investigate the case.   Well done…  –  David Edmiston

This is an easy read due to the subtle humor, excellent story telling and, while this is sci-fi, it doesn’t rely on future technology to move the story along. Bernheimer has created a very believable and well thought out world with a unique social structure.  –  By C.F. Hill, Amazon Hall of Fame and Top 10 Reviewer


I’m 42 years old, married, with two young daughters and live in Chesapeake, Virginia.

With Gryphonwood Press, I’ve authored Dead Eye: Pennies for the FerrymanDead Eye 2: The Skinwalker Conspiracies, and Spirals of Destiny Book One: Rider. My next project for Mr. Wood is Spirals of Destiny Book Two: Sorceress. I expect this to be a spring 2012 release.

On my own imprint, EJB, I have published a short story collection and an anthololgy (Horror, Humor, and Heroes Volumes One and Two), as well as the science fiction novel Confessions of a D-List Supervillain. Horror, Humor, and Heroes Volume Three (New Faces of Science Fiction)will be released in December of 2011.

For more information visit www.jimbernheimer.com

And here, in the comfort of your own browser, is your free sample of Prime Suspects by Jim Bernheimer: