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Book #1 in the Bestselling YA Teen Fantasy Series is FREE!
Volonians: Mysteries of the Vondercrat by Carlos Hardy, Christopher Edwards Jr.

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Volonians: Mysteries of the Vondercrat (Book #1)

by Carlos Hardy, Christopher Edwards Jr.

4.7 stars – 24 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Book #1 in the Best-Selling Young Adult- Teen Fantasy Series… Volonians

A golden planet made of magical Volonian Beings

Two mischievous young teens

Supernatural powers

Sorcery and Secrets

Dark and forbidden Spells

Evil and Sadistic Villains

A mothers love and her fight to protect her children.

Varah stands fixed in the middle of the room. Her long, flowing hair begins to rise from her head, its golden streak glowing. Following the rise of her hair, her entire body ascends in a vertical lift, feet slowly leaving the floor, higher and higher as she recites the spell, “VAMBULA AMIRE VONNACIO VOUD. YOU WERE ONCE HIDDEN BUT NOW YOU HAVE BEEN FOUND! VASIAGO ADU ANADA ADER. ANCIENT BOOK OF VOLONIA PLEASE COME HERE!” Immediately, a fiery red and yellow portal begins to form, circling counter-clockwise and growing larger with each rotation. The ground begins to shake, books fall from shelves, walls crack and gust of winds blow through the windowless room, shuddering everything in the place… Varah is completely entranced a golden glow surrounds her. All of a sudden, she falls to the floor. Broc and Shenzara rush toward her, and begin to carefully but forcefully shake their mother trying desperately to awaken her…


“The story is chock full of excitement and keeps you turning those pages to find out what is going to happen.” Goodreads Reviewer

“An amazing story with so many visual, creative, and imaginative sensory stimuli. It has left me wanting more, and more. I have not been excited about a good read in so many years.”- Award-Winning Dancer/Actor


“Carlos and Christopher are talented writers. I highly recommend this book.” – Publicist

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