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A diverse array of stories that compelling and realistic: DEWDROPS by Dan Flanigan


by Dan Flanigan
5.0 stars – 3 reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Dewdrops—The life and death struggles of a charismatic but tormented drug rehab counselor and his patients.
Some Cold War Blues—A neighborhood snowball fight erupts into a thing as close to war as an 11-year-old American boy is likely to face.
On The Last Frontier—Old and broke in Juneau with winter coming on . . .
“The diverse array of stories in…DEW DROPS, are compelling and realistic. Flanigan’s characters are vulnerable, and their struggles with addiction and loss are recognizable.” – Thaïs Miller, Author of “The Subconscious Mutiny and Other Stories” (2009)

Private detective O’Keefe finds himself snared in a vicious web of money laundering, cocaine smuggling, and murder in…
Mink Eyes by Dan Flanigan

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Mink Eyes

by Dan Flanigan
4.3 stars – 6 reviews
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Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

October 1986—the tarnished heart of the “Greed is Good” decade. Private detective Peter O’Keefe is a physically scarred and emotionally battered Vietnam Vet. Hired by his childhood best friend, ace attorney Mike Harrigan, O’Keefe investigates what appears to be merely a rinky-dink mink farm Ponzi scheme in the Ozarks. Instead, O’Keefe finds himself snared in a vicious web of money laundering, cocaine smuggling, and murder—woven by a mysterious mobster known as “Mr. Canada.” Also caught in Mr. Canada’s web is the exquisite Tag Parker, who might be the girl of O’Keefe’s dreams—or his nightmares.

Noir meets Arthurian romance as a modern knight errant (both on an errand and “in err”) rides forth to rescue a beautiful queen beset by dragons—and to save himself in the quest.PRAISE FOR MINK EYES“…a wonderful read…Be prepared to clear your day before you start to read because once you do, it is hard to walk away from this book.” A.L.“[The author] is a lawyer—a vocation and a chest of knowledge and experience that serves him well in this absorbing book…a subtle and thorough character sculptor…” G.H.“Fast paced, action-packed…vivid imagery…” K.G.“He paints pictures that make it easy to get lost in the story.” A.L.“In a category filled with formulaic and predictable characters and plot lines, Mink Eyes was unique and unexpected. It is a love story and somewhat of a ‘coming of age’ tale too, a serious literary work in an exciting ‘thriller’ package.” B.N.“…please, give us another installment quickly…” R.B.S.