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by Patrick James

5.0 stars – 3 Reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

What would you do if you had the chance to do it all over again?

Everyone has a part of themselves that they stow away from the rest of the world, that secret passageway shared with no one else. It’s the place your mind allows you to wander to while on solitary long walks, or dwell upon during that quiet hour on the train-ride home, when you let go of the façade of your buttoned- down world. It’s often a place where the scenes from your past are replayed with a decidedly different outcome. Fantasy, we’re told, is healthy. The release allows us a guilty pleasure.

So what happens when the line between harmless fantasy and stone cold reality gets crossed? Lives are often defined by pivotal moments, those “firsts and lasts” that we characterize people by. A random event, an innocent encounter, can alter our paths in unimaginable ways.

Passages is a novel that explores the complexities of absolute trust.When Jack Kiernan receives a facebook request from an old love, he unwittingly sets in motion the biggest challenge of his adult life; and pushes the boundaries of a twenty- year “near perfect” marriage beyond anything he could have imagined.

He is a man with a strong moral compass, and a keen sense of fairness, who sees right and wrong in very concrete terms, traits that long ago endeared him to his wife. Abby Kiernan knew her husband, she thought, because their secrets had all been laid bare. Her faith in their marriage, in her husband, is unshakable-until a dying woman forces them all to reexamine their lives.

“I trust you.” Such a simple concept, until it bears testing. The Kiernan’s are rock solid, a successful pair with Jack a partner in a family operated development firm in NYC and Abby, a corporate executive balancing work and family. They are the loving couple others strive to emulate, who finish one another’s sentences, until the randomness of a single event turns their lives upside down.

Which begs the question… how well do you really know your spouse?

5-Star Amazon Reviews

“Look out Pat Conroy, there’s a new author in town! Passages is a great story about the coming of age. Posses thought provoking questions. Loved the various locations – Mr. James brought them to life. Can’t wait until there is a new offering. Soon, I hope!”

“WOW. What a wonderful book. Makes you really think about what you would do in the situations this author brings forth. Life with all it’s complications. This is a great novel. Read this & think what YOU would do in the same situations. Cannot wait to read more by this author.”

About The Author

Born in the Bronx and raised within a colorful and loving Irish Catholic family, Patrick James learned early on the importance of a good story. Well told, it could invoke laughter, comfort a troubled soul and perhaps even inspire an act of courage. It also, on occasion, proved to be an invaluable asset, should the rent money need to be delayed a week or two.

Growing up, he came to see storytelling as far more than simple entertainment. It was a powerful outlet, a means to unveil a voice not otherwise heard. Intensely interested in what makes people tick, writing became his gateway, a release that spurned a life-long love affair with the written word.

Segue several decades later. Patrick, now a reluctant management consultant, along with his wife, a teacher, is busy raising a family on the outskirts of Manhattan. It’s 2008 and consulting money and life in general, is good. Until it’s not.

By early 2009, the financial markets lay in ruins and none of his client’s managers answer the phone. Lost to the same tsunami, they can’t. Two years of unemployment and thousands of resumes later, he puts down the phone, closes out his Monster account and accepts the inevitable. No one is coming to save him.

He thinks about his very first job, rinsing beer glasses at his uncle’s bar on the Grand Concourse. He’s worked every year of his life since then, doing every job imaginable through college and the early years, until landing that first big management gig.

Great adversity trumps pride. He realizes that life guarantees you absolutely nothing. With only the luck of the Irish to bolster his resolve (and the love of an exceptionally fine woman)- he learns to drive a delivery truck. And the words begin to flow. Not so much a reinvention, but a homecoming. The storyteller returned.

Patrick James is currently the author of two novels, the family saga “Promises Kept,” and his current release “Passages,” a contemporary look at trust and marriage.
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From the Kindle Nation Mailbag: How to eMail Passages from a Kindle Book

Thanks to longtime Kindle Nation citizen John T. for sending in this question that I don’t think we have addressed before:

Hi Stephen,

Have not written you for awhile. I am the one who back in 2009 suggested you put up a donation button, and started you out with 100.00.  You did the donation area within a few days of that. Time passes.

Quick question. My wife has a couple bibles downloaded on her kindle.  Is there any way she can email passages out of the clip area of her verses, and for that fact any clip or page?

Thank you in advance,

John T.

Hi John, thanks for being in touch again, and thanks again for suggesting that PayPal button way back in the early days of Kindle Nation. It took us a while to really figure out how to make use of it in a way that didn’t just involve begging, but it was that PayPal button that got us started on the author sponsorships, which have allowed us to continue to transform and build Kindle Nation and even to hire a team to come up with cool features like the new free book tool.

Anyway, on your question, I’ve got good news. There are various other things that you can do that allow you to share passages with friends and contacts via social media like Facebook and Twitter, but that’s not what you asked. The answer to what you asked is:

Yes, you can clip passages from any Kindle book, save them to your My Clippings file, then download that file to a simple .TXT file on your computer so that you can edit it and email any or all of it. (I’ll trust that neither you nor your wife will violate anyone’s copyright while making use of this feature.)

Any time you have saved clippings while reading on your Kindle, your Kindle automatically creates a My Clippings file which gathers together all such clippings. To see that file, just connect your Kindle to your computer using your USB cable, transfer the file to your computer’s desktop or hard drive, and open it with your Text Editor, Word, or even Google Docs. Once you open the file you can do whatever you want with the text, move it to a “commonplace book” or another file where you might be saving certain kinds of passages, and send it via email either by attaching it or pasting it into an email.

Hope that helps, John!