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Can blogging about happily ever afters actually bring love, romance and excitement?
Books, Blogs, & Reality by Ryan Ringbloom
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Books, Blogs, & Reality

by Ryan Ringbloom

Books, Blogs, & Reality
4.6 stars – 49 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled

Here’s the set-up:

Life can suck…

When reality becomes overwhelming, seeking comfort in fictional fantasies keeps hope alive. And while this escape may be a little delusional, it’s also therapeutic.

Sharing secrets is daunting, but virtual friends don’t often judge and they are always ready to share a glass of wine…or three…while typing out life’s latest endeavors.

Brooke believes obstacles only add to romance, not detract. Rachael longs for a more intense relationship, or so she thinks. Lizzie misses the excitement in her life, but sometimes new situations find you when you’re not even looking. And Jess believes a tiger can change his stripes. It can’t.

Bound by a shared passion for blogging about happily ever afters, these four young women use keyboard therapy to work through their expectations, anxieties, and inadequacies, all with the hopes of achieving the perfection found in romance novels.
Completely blinded by what they think life should be, they navigate their unique paths in search of what they envision is right. But when reality taunts them with persistent curve balls, will they be strong enough to choose wisely? Or will their happy endings escape them?

New Adult Contemporary Romance
Mature content. This story is intended for mature readers. 18+

5-star Amazon reviews:

Excellent read. 5 full stars

“… my choice for the Best Books of 2014

“… All I can say is that you will be pleasantly surprised by this amazing read.

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