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She just wants her degree. But when her professor is found dead, her real education begins…
Kelly Oliver’s award-winning thriller WOLF (Jessica James Mysteries Book 1)

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WOLF: A Suspense Thriller (Jessica James Mysteries Book 1)

by Kelly Oliver
4.2 stars – 120 reviews
Everyday Price: $4.99
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Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

She just wants her degree. But when her professor is found dead in a bathtub, her real education begins…

Over 200 Five-Star Reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

Amazon Bestseller and Multiple Award Winner

“The Jessica James Mysteries are edgy, thrilling, and simply captivating.” —Chicago Tribune

Jessica James is broke and counting down the days until she can defend her philosophy thesis. Desperate to get out of her grubby attic digs, she and her friends break into her professor’s office… only to find her adviser dead in the tub. Scoping the crime scene for clues, she leaves evidence that makes her both a suspect and a target.

Suspecting the school’s Russian janitor of doing more than sweeping the floors, Jessica mounts an investigation to clear her name. And when her ragtag posse helps her uncover a related date drug scandal, repeated attempts on her drink make her fear she’s the next on the killer’s to-do list.

Can Jessica unmask the murderer before her degree gets buried six-feet-under?

WOLF is the first standalone novel in the exhilarating Jessica James mystery series. If you like sassy detectives, irreverent humor, and nonstop action, then you’ll love Kelly Oliver’s hilarious adventure.

Winner Best Mystery/Thriller eBook 2017, Independent Publisher’s Award

Finalist, Best Mystery, Foreward Magazine

Voted #1 Women’s Mystery on Goodreads

Refreshingly authentic..A fast-paced and thoroughly engaging whodunit. —Kirkus Reviews

Nobody tops Kelly Oliver for delivering fast-paced narrative, quirky characters, and a plot as twisty as a bucking bronco–all of this leavened with Oliver’s trademark wry humor.—Caroline Taylor, author of Loose Ends and The Typist

What Amazon readers are saying:

★★★★★ “Wolf is hilarious, irreverent, and clever, action-packed with surprising twists, the writing is witty and engaging, but what I loved the most about the book are the strong female characters.”

★★★★★ “Exhilarating read with all sorts of twists and turns. Jessica James is smart, bold, vulnerable, pretty and clumsy all at the same time. She defies any stereotype of a female lead, and this is a very good thing.”

★★★★★ “A unique and compelling mystery, engaging important social and political issues with brains, humor, and heart.”

★★★★★ “Clever and funny along with being a great mystery!”

★★★★★ “Couldn’t put it down.”

★★★★★ “Fun read and a great mystery with strong female characters.”

WOLF has Oliver’s trademark humor and quirky characters. Join Jessica and her posse for this fast paced thrill ride.

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WOLF: A Suspense Thriller (Jessica James Mysteries)

by Kelly Oliver
4.3 stars – 95 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:


What if the teacher you hate wound up … murdered?

What if you and your slacker friends found his body?

What if it were a race against time to find the killer before he found you?

Independent Publisher’s Award, Best Mystery/Thriller

Foreward Magazine Award Best Mystery Finalist

Amazon Bestseller

˃˃˃ If you like you’re sleuths fierce, funny and female, you’ll love Jessica James in this award winning page-turner.

Philosophy student Jessica James just wants to defend her thesis and earn her degree. Instead, she finds her professor dead in a bathtub, her thesis marked for rejection, and leaves enough clues at the murder scene to make her a suspect.

Before she can say, ‘What doesn’t kill you sends you to therapy,’ the mob gets involved and it’s up to Jessica and her ragtag posse of friends – Amber the tech-savvy hippie, Jack the wisecracking stoner, and Lolita the seductive poker ‘Tsarina’ – to catch the killer before Jessica becomes the next victim.

˃˃˃ Smart, capable women shine in this cast.

Refreshingly authentic..A fast-paced and thoroughly engaging whodunit. –Kirkus Reviews

Nobody tops Kelly Oliver for delivering fast-paced narrative, quirky characters, and a plot as twisty as a bucking bronco–all of this leavened with Oliver’s trademark wry humor.

–Caroline Taylor, author of Loose Ends and The Typist

˃˃˃ Mystery, Suspense, Action, Adventure, Romance, and Laugh-out-Loud Humor. What more could you want in a page-turner? A riveting suspense novel that keeps you guessing until the end.

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* * *

Fifteen Years of Lies

by Ann Minnett
4.5 stars – 18 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
A college freshman was drugged, raped, and left for dead. In solidarity, her two roommates got tattoos to match her distinctive ink. The three dropped-out to start over in Montana where she gave birth to a son Zane. The friends conspired never to reveal Zane’s true heritage. Fifteen years later, a stranger recognizes the tattoo. He stalks mother and son, causing the lies to unravel. Was the stranger a witness to the rape or in fact one of the assailants? Beautiful Whitefish, Montana serves as the setting for Fifteen Years of Lies, yet the story could occur anywhere people go to escape and in any family struggling to keep secrets. Parents of teenagers will relate to a mother’s fears for her son as his rebellion leads to violence. Fifteen Years of Lies goes beyond the timely issue of sexual assault on campus to lay bare the aftermath of rape and its effects on the survivor, the child, loved ones, and even the rapist. Experience the raw emotions of past injustice and imminent threat when a suspected rapist believes he has found his victim and his son. How far will the three women go to protect Zane from the truth?

* * *

The Dragon Orb (The Alaris Chronicles Book 1)

by Mike Shelton
4.6 stars – 121 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

A magical barrier.

Civil war.

Power-hungry Wizards.

The fate of a kingdom rests on the shoulders of three young wizards who couldn’t be more different.

As the magical barrier protecting the kingdom of Alaris from dangerous outsiders begins to fail, and a fomenting rebellion threatens to divide the country in a civil war, the three wizards are thrust into the middle of a power struggle.

When the barrier comes down, the truth comes out. Was everything they were taught about their kingdom based on a lie?

Will they all choose to fight on the same side, or end up enemies in the battle over who should rule Alaris?

For lovers of dragons, magic, wizards, and adventure don’t miss this first book in a great fantasy series.

* * *

Billionaire Untamed ~ Tate (The Billionaire’s Obsession, Book 7)

by J. S. Scott
4.7 stars – 499 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

This book can be read as a stand alone even if you haven’t read and of the books in The Billionaire’s Obsession series. Tate’s book is the first of the featured Colter billionaire brothers.

Lara Bailey isn’t in Rocky Springs for the hot springs, the resort activities or the fabulous skiing. She has come to Colorado for one reason and one reason only: to find and get close to Marcus Colter, the eldest Colter brother. Unfortunately, trouble finds her in the form of Tate Colter rather than Marcus. The youngest Colter brother is arrogant, cocky, smart, and tenacious in his attempts to find out why she wants to find Marcus even though she’s never met him. Lara isn’t willing to divulge that information, and Tate is determined to uncover her motives. It makes Tate one hot, wickedly sexy, adorably dimpled, alpha male pain in her backside.

Lara is really confused when Tate helps her out of a difficult and potentially dangerous situation. It leaves Lara wondering if he really is the cocky, arrogant jerk that he pretends to be, or if there isn’t much more to Tate Colter than she’d initially thought.

* * *

The Seventh Guard: Destiny Expires

by Francis Halpin
4.3 stars – 49 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

A hidden code awakens a mysterious compulsion, leading a young man on a compelling journey of unearthly discovery—the truth lies beyond . . .

Twenty-five-year-old Robert Lowden is awkward, abrasive, sarcastic—borderline dysfunctional. His part-time job at Best Buy doesn’t match his vision of success. He wants to be more than a repair agent—someone stuck fixing other people’s problems.

At home he conducts bizarre experiments, many at the expense of his customers and his few friends. He believes they will eventually lead to something extraordinary, a real discovery that will give his life meaning and purpose—something that will show the world how smart he really is . . . but what he eventually finds could end his life.

Journey now with Robert and his friends on their wild adventure, from discovering the code and revealing its meaning, to deadly encounters with the mysterious man in black. It’s an exciting and fast-paced read—at times hilarious, suspenseful and thrilling.

* * *

Qualify (The Atlantis Grail Book 1)

by Vera Nazarian
4.5 stars – 1,041 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

The Atlantis Grail has been optioned for development as a feature film series and/or TV series.

You have two options. You die, or you Qualify.

The year is 2047. An extinction-level asteroid is hurtling toward Earth, and the descendants of ancient Atlantis have returned from the stars in their silver ships to offer humanity help.

But there’s a catch.

* * *

Love Thief: The Legend of Ixmal the Healer

by David Bolton
5.0 stars – 3 reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

“An excellent tale that serves as both a thriller and anthropological portrait.” –KIRKUS REVIEWS

There is a rebellion stirring in the jungle village of Ppentaca. Totec, a former slave, has cultivated a force of 500 warriors. He intends to invade the Feathered Kingdom in the valley and ignite a slave uprising in the capital city of Ocochac, where the slaves outnumber their masters. But first they must slay a child to win the favor of the gods. Ixmal, Totec’s son, tries to stop the blood ritual, creating a chain of events that will reach Biblical proportions.Set in an ancient, magical land, Love Thief, the Legend of Ixmal the Healer, is a fable that draws upon the myths, cultures and languages of the indigenous peoples of the Americas to create a world unlike any other.

* * *