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Discover the mesmerizing world of Haven and the truths long-hidden in the ancient stories in this gripping fantasy adventure: The Traveller’s Stone by S. J. Howland

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The Traveller’s Stone (The Haven Series Book 1)

by S. J. Howland
4.5 stars – 160 reviews
Everyday Price: $3.63
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Here’s the set-up:

“In ‘The Traveller’s Stone’, S.J. Howland has created a wondrous fantasy world, inhabited by the creatures of myth and fairytale. Any fan of J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis or Philip Pullman will immediately feel at home in this fantastical place.” – LoveReading

Xander King does not believe in magic. He prefers rational explanations, keeping his head down and trying to avoid the inevitable comparisons with his genius mother. The last thing he expects is to have his life turned upside down by terrifying shadows and an encounter with a mysterious stone tablet, challenging his entire view of reality and catapulting him into the parallel world of Haven.

Faced with extraordinary creatures, ancient secrets and a heritage he does not understand, Xander is drawn into the struggle to protect the border between his own reality and Haven, and prevent disaster overcoming them both. But, as darkness spreads, he must confront new questions. Where does he belong, and is anything in Haven really as it seems?

Discover the mesmerising world of Haven and the truths long-hidden in the ancient stories in this gripping fantasy adventure.

The most challenging thing to change in this world is the human mind… Purposed Transformation: A Renewed Subconscious Mind by Joe Green

Purposed Transformation: a renewed subconscious mind

by Joe Green
5.0 stars – 1 review
Everyday Price: $4.99
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FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Here’s the set-up:
Subconscious Mind
The most challenging thing to change in this world is the human mind, especially the subconscious mind. However, our identity, worldview, personality, long-term memory, faith, etc., are stored in this area. This part of us is not easily accessible, but the reward for its proper development is a successful life. It is a God-sized job, but fortunately for us, He can and will agree to partner with us in this adventure.
Partnering With God
There are many books on achieving success in life. However, I believe this one is different. We can achieve true success only through a partnership with God. He desires that we be successful, and He is quite willing to work with us throughout our lives to ensure our success.
The Look of Success
True success in life is peace, joy, health, shelter, food, and good relationships. God has promised these things for His obedient children. Many will equate great wealth with abundant finances, but money does not bring success. However, success will always bring us the money we need. God has promised to give us the plans, ideas, inventions, etc., required to create our finances.
Is it for You?
Yes, this life is available for all except the rebellious to experience to the fullest. However, anyone can have as little or as much as they desire. It, after all, is your life. You can live in the shallow end or choose the deepest part of the pool. You set the limits.
I do not intend to promote any religion, although some religions have adopted parts of my teaching. It is my adamant belief that God never intended to establish nor promote any religion, except perhaps caring for the widows and orphans. He told us that He brought us a government called the Kingdom of God, and the expression of that kingdom is the Kingdom of Heaven. That is not something in the future but a relationship we can walk in today on earth.
We can never attain a successful life easily. Your success is in direct proportion to the effort you put into it. God tells us the Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. I believe great success requires significant effort. That has been my experience, but it has been worth it.

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The O’Connells Books 1 – 3 (The O’Connells Box Set)

by Lorhainne Eckhart
4.4 stars – 21 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
The O’Connells of Livingston, Montana, are not your typical family. Follow them on their journey to the dark and dangerous side of love in a series of romantic thrillers you won’t want to miss. Raised by a single mother after their father’s mysterious disappearance eighteen years ago, the six grown siblings live in a small town with all kinds of hidden secrets, lies, and deception.
This boxed set collection in The O’Connells series includes The Neighbor, The Third Call & The Secret HusbandThe Neighbor – Book 1
After the devastating loss of her husband, Jenny Sweetgrass packs up her teenage daughter, Alison, and moves to Livingston, Montana, hoping for a fresh start—that is, until Ryan O’Connell knocks on her door.The Third Call – Book 2
Deputy Marcus O’Connell is blindsided one night after a series of calls comes in from an unknown number, and the caller on the other end is a child. All he knows is she’s six years old, her name is Eva, and there’s someone in her house who wants to hurt her.

The Secret Husband
Small-town lawyer Karen O’Connell believes that all of her clients who have found themselves recklessly embroiled in scandal and trouble have done so foolishly because of love. She has heard far too many times that the heart wants what it wants.

But one night, Karen receives a call from Jack Curtis, her vengeful ex-husband, whom she’s never told anyone in her family about. He’s found himself in a world of trouble, arrested and in jail, charged with murder.
He says he’s innocent, and he needs her help.

Her first response is to say no, but Karen knows Jack isn’t the kind of guy to ask for help from anyone, especially not from the ex-wife he openly despises and hasn’t seen in years. She knows there must be more to the story—but what she doesn’t know is that the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder could be the reason her hasty marriage ended so badly.

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Stolen by the Fae: Paranormal Romance (Fae’s Claim Book 1)

by Laxmi Hariharan
4.2 stars – 955 reviews
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Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Mine to protect. Mine to claim… She is MINE


I’m a trained assassin. Enlisted by the Fae Corps and instructed to kill, there is no place in my life for a fated mate.
Then Gia crashes into my life.
Flashing eyes,
luscious lips that beg to be kissed.
One whiff of her sugary scent and I know she is MINE.
But she’s human, and no way can she withstand the barbaric mating practices of the Fae.
I am too lethal,
I should stay away.
When she takes the hit meant for my target, I cannot let her die.
So I do the only thing that will save her life…
I form a soul-bond with the unconscious human.
I want to make her bend to my will.
I hadn’t reckoned with craving her emotions, her feelings. Her love…
When she breaks out of my lair, I will do anything to get her back.
This time I will make her submit her all…
This time she cannot escape,
Gia is MINE

Note: Stolen by the Fae , is a standalone paranormal romance novel, and the first in the emotional and exciting Fae’s Claim Series.

* * *

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Between Darkness & Dawn (Kinsman Book 3)

by Joyce Swann, Alexandra Swann
4.5 stars – 37 reviews
Supports Us with Commissions Earned
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
Blake and Sara Morgan’s rebellious daughter Jessica is coming home after two and a half years at a women’s correctional facility where she has learned only one thing—she doesn’t want to go back.With help from court-appointed counselor Mary Alice Sullivan, Jessica must learn to accept the consequences of her actions before she permanently destroys her future. As she struggles to guide Jessica, Mary Alice must also help her own husband David, who is grappling with the loss of his company and the realities of having to start over after more than thirty years as his own boss. With the aid of Mary Alice and Kinsman, both Jessica and David must embrace one simple truth: they can never move forward until they let go of the past.You are invited…to experience the miracle of Christmas in this holiday reminder that without the darkness, there can be no dawn.

* * *

Will the spunky teen return to her loved ones, or will her decision land her in jail? Shoot like a Girl: A Prequel Novella to the Annie Oakley Mystery Series by Kari Bovee

YA Book of The Day

Shoot like a Girl: A Prequel Novella to the Annie Oakley Mystery Series

by Kari Bovee
4.6 stars – 28 reviews
Supports Us with Commissions Earned
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

She would do anything for her loved ones, even if it meant she’d be lost to them forever.
Young Annie Oakley never expected to be saddled with responsibility so soon. Following her father’s sudden death, the spirited girl finds herself shipped to a nearby county working for a couple promising a good wage. But when she discovers they are not what they seem, Annie suddenly fears her life may be in peril.

Determined to help her mother and siblings, she endures the hardships and mistreatment from the couple. But when that cruelty is targeted at the beautiful Buckskin horse who is her only friend, Annie decides to take matters into her own hands.

Will the spunky teen return to her loved ones, or will her decision land her in jail?

Shoot like a Girl is the prequel novella to the Annie Oakley mystery series. If you like a fiercely loyal heroine who won’t be anyone’s victim, then you’ll love Kari Bovée’s thrilling story of America’s best-loved sharpshooting sensation.

Today’s Book of The Day is sponsored by this week’s Kids’ eBook of The Week:


by Axie Oh
4.4 stars – 228 reviews
Supports Us with Commissions Earned
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Jenny’s never had much time for boys, K-pop, or really anything besides her dream of being a professional cellist. But when she finds herself falling for a K-pop idol, she has to decide whether their love is worth the risk. A modern forbidden romance wrapped in the glamorous and exclusive world of K-pop, XOXO is perfect for fans of Jenny Han and Maurene Goo.

Jenny didn’t get to be an award-winning, classically trained cellist without choosing practice over fun. That is, until the night she meets Jaewoo. Mysterious, handsome, and just a little bit tormented, Jaewoo is exactly the kind of distraction Jenny would normally avoid. And yet, she finds herself pulled into spending an unforgettable evening wandering Los Angeles with him on the night before his flight home to South Korea.

With Jaewoo an ocean away, there’s no use in dreaming of what could have been. But when Jenny and her mother move to Seoul to take care of her ailing grandmother, who does she meet at the elite arts academy she’s just been accepted to? Jaewoo.

Finding the dreamy stranger who swept you off your feet in your homeroom is one thing, but Jaewoo isn’t just any student. Turns out, Jaewoo is a member of one of the biggest K-pop bands in the world. And like most K-pop idols, Jaewoo is strictly forbidden from dating anyone.

When a relationship means not only jeopardizing her place at her dream music school but also endangering everything Jaewoo’s worked for, Jenny has to decide once and for all just how much she’s willing to risk for love. XOXO is a new romance that proves chasing your dreams doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your heart, from acclaimed author Axie Oh.

Indigo Best Teen Books of 2021

Three books featuring relentless heroines that must face the trials of their past and overcome their current nightmares… A Women of Redemption Suspense Thriller Boxset by Lori Lacefield

Thriller of The Day

The Advocate, The Fifth Juror, and The Tattoo Artist: A Women of Redemption Suspense Thriller Boxset

by Lori Lacefield
5.0 stars – 1 review
Supports Us with Commissions Earned
FREE with Kindle UnlimitedLearn More
Here’s the set-up:

The Women of Redemption Series Books 1-3 in one boxset!

Discover the suspense thrillers that feature women who may not be perfect, but perfectly kick-ass when given a second chance. Three books featuring three relentless heroines that must face the trials of their past and overcome their current nightmares. If you like strong female heroes, titanic twists, and danger around every corner, you’ll love this series.


Palmer Reed is still haunted by her tragic past. Frustrated her childhood kidnappers escaped justice, she accepts a position at an advocacy foundation, hoping to support other victims of crime. But she’s stunned to discover that behind the scenes of the glamorous fundraising galas, a sinister conspiracy lurks—blackmail.

Strong-armed by the determined founder into squeezing money from lawbreaking “donors,” she’s troubled by the shady practices used to raise big dollars. Yet that turns out to only be the beginning. As Palmer sets out to uncover the true depths of the shadowy scheme, she unearths the founder’s true quest for justice— murder—and a shocking connection between the organization and her own kidnapping.

Can Palmer expose the deadly truth before she falls prey—again?

“A fast-paced page turner, well written with lots of twists and turns…” — Bonnie L


Former juror Jess Dawson is facing a difficult time in her life, raising an autistic son and navigating a failing marriage, when her past service as a juror on a high-profile death penalty case comes back to haunt her. Mikael Kriskan, a young Russian the jury sentenced to death for killing his adoptive American parents one cold Colorado night, is nearing his execution date when the foreman of their jury and his wife are found dead, killed in the same manner as Kriskan’s parents.

Then, a second juror appears to commit suicide and leaves a disturbing note to his fellow jurors attached to his chest: KJ – do the right thing. Only Jess knows the true meaning of the message but as others begin to suspect the truth, Jess quickly finds herself in the crosshairs of Kriskan’s prosecutor, also her lover, who’s intent on executing Kriskan, and members of the Russian mob, who are hell bent on returning the genius Kriskan to his Russian roots.

The choice they give former juror Jess Dawson seems easy: Kill Mikael, kill her son. Save Mikael, save her son. But in a case where the post-conviction appeals have run out, the impact the truth will have upon her family is dire, and the lives of her fellow jurors are equally at stake—this choice will be anything but easy.

“The ending was unpredictable. Definitely a great read…” – A Lawrence
“Intriguing from the very first page…” – K


Reno, Nevada. Nine years after her mother’s still unsolved murder, former homeless teen Zoë Cruse has found stability with a husband, child, and a career as a tattoo artist. But when a biker comes in and asks for new ink, Zoë can’t help but draw comparisons between one of the images on his back and her mother’s death. Worse, his other ink appears to represent a deadly pattern, one that may indicate he’s a serial offender.

Determined to unearth the truth despite her husband’s disbelief, Zoë researches the images and infiltrates the man’s notorious motorcycle club in search of evidence. But with the police, federal agents, and a rival gang all in pursuit of the same outlaw, her quest for closure may end with more than one person in the morgue…including her family.

Can she unravel the mystery and find justice before she ends up six feet under?

“This original premise did not disappoint!”

If you enjoy mafia style romances with bad boy Doms and plenty of wicked heat, you’re in for a treat…. CLAIMED: A Dark Mafia Romance Trilogy by Em Brown

❤️ Kindle Nation Daily Romance of the Day ❤️

CLAIMED: A Dark Mafia Romance (Claimed Trilogy Book 1)

by Em Brown
4.3 stars – 804 reviews
Everyday Price: $2.99
Supports Us with Commissions Earned
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

Note to self: don’t fall in love with a gangster.

I’m the good girl: a college student who studies hard, wants to do good, and plays by the rules. I shouldn’t be falling for a guy like Darren Lee, the bad boy owner of an exclusive nightclub that, unbeknownst to me, caters to an international triad.

We’re absolutely wrong for each other. Maybe that’s why the heat between us is so sizzling hot…

But Darren’s desires run dark and wicked. Should I submit to his passions? Something tells me that if I throw caution to the wind, I could be in for a world of hurt.

If you enjoy mafia style romances with plenty of wicked heat, then get CLAIMED to steam up your reading today…

Additional Notes: This opposites-attract story of a dangerous love is best suited for new adult romance, mafia romance, or billionaire romance readers who like their books dark and super steamy. Themes and elements in this trilogy include organized crime, kidnapping, romantic suspense, and a secret baby.